Version 2.3.8, Dungeons & Dreams

Dev Notes

  • Our third weekly update, once more made public by the kindness of our patrons. This one includes one of two upcoming options to charm Marie-Anne, as well as boatloads of new art and voice acting.
  • I have moved away from the old version naming scheme, which was clunky and completely ill-equipped for these frequent builds, and towards something more descriptive.


  • Captive: Marie-Anne can be gently persuaded of your merits.
  • Lair: the ‘hurt-chamber’ framework has been added, and now comes bundled with specialist expertise. Its first scene will follow shortly.
  • Art: Adeline/Mother’s kiss (Lubbio).
  • Art: Mina’s service has been coloured (Luccass).
  • Art: Darja’s scene art has been further degollumised, courtesy of Pebble.
  • Art: the commoner girl’s character art (Vira).
  • Art: Eburon’s character art (Vira).
  • Art: Malagar’s character art (Vira).
  • Voice: Sabetha’s capture, and escape (Smol Rowan)
  • Voice: The nun’s new variant scenes (Smol Rowan)
  • Voice: Heloise’s dream sequence (Keta)
  • Voice: The dragon’s remaining lines for capture sequences, and other odds and ends (Greyscale).
  • Background: custom art for the tavern, swamp, town, streets, and royal road (Mortalitech).


  • The rogue sisters’ intro skit will only play once (more).
  • You may elect to behave yourself while visiting the convent.
  • It is clearer that reneging on your deal with Mina does not automatically give her to your kobolds.


  • After a long and protracted struggle, the animated scenes will once more play as intended. I hate you, RenPy updates.
  • Ordering a sacrifice from the kobolds increases Strength, as it ought.
  • The nun’s animations will display better.
  • Darja will not come to romance you if she is being kept as a captive.
  • Promising Bastion to Mina doesn’t stop you from robbing it later.
  • Removed a reference to an old music track when caught by the huntress in Chapter 2.
  • Sparing the maid in Chapter 1 gives one point of Mercy, rather than two.
  • Improved support for the rogues and mercenaries when using the Old art style.
  • Malagar’s kobold assistant points the right way. Pay attention!
  • And the (many) bugs found during playtesting. Thank you to our playtesters, especially GrayRaven :)


Ravager 2.3.8 for PC 424 MB
Apr 26, 2020
Ravager 2.3.8 for Linux 406 MB
Apr 26, 2020
Ravager 2.3.8 for Mac 406 MB
Apr 26, 2020
Ravager 2.3.8 for Mobile 412 MB
Apr 26, 2020
Ravager 2.3.8 for Tablet 413 MB
Apr 26, 2020

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