A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

We all know the story: hero emerges from humble beginnings, slays the tyrannical dragon, and ushers in a new era of peace and prosperity.

But here, it's the other way around.

Ravager is a game where you play a young dragon, determined to reclaim their birthright. To do so, you will need to build your power, ally with dark forces, evade justice, and whet your bestial appetites.

The game currently spans most of the first four acts of the story: from your birth to your conquest of the realm. It has a nonlinear plot, with many significant choices to make (and fun to have) along the way.

Ravager includes:

  • Voice acting
  • Several animated scenes
  • An original soundtrack
  • Maiden-kidnapping
  • Lair development
  • Horde management

As the game continues to update, I’ll be adding more plot, more waifus, more scenes, more hordes, and more events.

It is very NSFW. Adult content must be enabled via the Preferences menu. Consider yourself warned.

If you enjoyed it, you are welcome to pop over to SubscribeStar to help keep its development going, or to buy us on Steam if you are looking forward to the final result!

Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Dark, Dating Sim, Erotic, Fantasy, Furry, LGBT, Narrative, NSFW, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast


Ravager 4.3.12 for PC 925 MB
Ravager 4.3.12 for Linux 887 MB
Ravager 4.3.12 for Mac 890 MB
Ravager 4.3.12 for Android 909 MB

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is it possible to buy the game through itch since i'm based in germany is the shop blocked for this kind of art?

With choosing a name on android version i type a name then click enter but nothing happens

Nevermind figured it out


i like the potrait art more than the nsfw art scenes


Could you make the description clearer about the dragon's gender? And add the pairings (M/F, M/M,  so on)? Currently this page is neutral about it when the catgirls in the intro use he/him for the dragon and refer to sex with the dragon as straight.

Didn't know that opening the game since I've noticed that games that aren't explicit about it either have a cis guy as the protagonist or have the player choose the sex and/or gender. Other possibilities from the description were the dragon not having a gender or the dragon not being given gendered terms so the player can project onto them. Checked the game out because the concept is cool and in case the "their," "you," and "your" meant one of the latter three things.

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it's literally said in the game. All dragons are Males and all elves Females

Icône de validation par la communauté


I would love to see  more content with the elves.  They are are well written, Heloise is probably my favorite side character, and have a lot of potential for story or scenes.  I could just imagine the shock on Valzira's face if she found out about Malice and if you recruited Maelys "willingly".   Even just more lair event's with the other characters would be cool.  

Some other thoughts/random ideas:

A way to bring Naho and Valzira around.  Ijust tend to try to make as many happy as possible on playthoughs.  If not completely, maybe some more "nice" options so they don't always get the short end of the stick.  

A scene with Mina if you buy the bath since she talks about needing one.  I know there is a scene if she's  consort, but she complains about needing one if not.  

More consort scenes, even the non-h ones.  Sometimes, just spending time doing the various activities with your consorts is just as fun as rampaging.  

Different lair/room art depending on the consort.  All the consorts seem to have wildly different decorating styles based on their descriptions. 


Will there be any way to organize saves?  I know that it might not be possible because of RenPy, but it could make things more convenient.  In trying to get a lot of the paths/scenes, I might have saved too much and have a lot of them.  Being able to, move, delete, or even name saves would make finding the right one a lot easier.  


RenPy currently doesn't have the ability to manage that smoothly - but if/when it does, we'll do our best to implement it!

How do I get the abandoned mines and ancient spire

also, who are malagar and ziz-something and how do i get them

There's a walkthrough linked in the main menu of the game :)

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Everytime I open the game it kicks me out  and I'm on Android 

This is a limitation of the RenPy packaging framework, I'm afraid. Android devices and OSes are all slightly different, and whichever configuration we pick, some phones won't support it :/ We go for the most broadly accepted setup, but I'm afraid it won't work for everyone.

When the game is done, we'll package to multiple configurations so that people can find the one that works for their phone. Unfortunately it's not practical to do that while we're still in the middle of development.


I use joyplay is work better on android

how do I do that

Pain in the butt method that doesnt work half the time. For me personally it has never worked


another question, what is the difference between the paid steam version and the free version of itch?


The Steam version includes Act V. Presently, that is just the intro, but it will be expanded as we complete additions to it! Acts I-IV will continue to be updated as well, and those will remain free.


hello, is there gay content in this game? I don't know if I've made the wrong decisions but I haven't come across any gay scene, and if there is, with which characters I would like to have a minimum clue

There is gay content, I don't know what it is since that isn't my cup of tea but make sure that you have the option selected in the preference menu first. I also believe that if you check their walk through you might be able to see which characters you can initiate it with.

spoiler: https://pastebin.com/BCEqZrHm iirc you don't get to lay him instantly but you'll get the opportunity later

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man im not gonna say, but a maelys scene is mean and i mean in the kokoro mean, love it, but god damn didnt see it coming.


Does Issa count as gay?


Schrödinger's Schlong: As long as you don't see the dick, it's not gay. 

as in in the preferences

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Yes, Eburon and Issa content counts as gay.

Issa's scenes are gated by the Intersex tag, not the Gay tag.

The more you know.


Can we have more Ravager High? It's hilarious

Will we ever get to have Enid as a consort? Kinda disappointed that we couldn’t but other than that, I enjoyed this game 


There will be more Enid content in future, but she wouldn't be interested in being anything fancy like a consort. She's an honest hardworking woman, she is!

She ain't no lady apparently

Hey I downloaded the ravager game for PC and I am having trouble opening it. It saved as a file and I'm not sure how to open it. The game seems fun and I will like to buy it on steam at some point. I'm having trouble figuring out how to open the game. I have a windows laptop if that helps. Not sure if I downloaded the wrong version or something. 


Extract the Zipfile and double click on Ravager.exe

You are a good person. Thank you. 

Bro love the game been playing for a long time but theres been a problem recently which is when I installed the new android update it  opens but it just keeps crashing at the start when you meet sabetha and inej. Please help 

anyone else having this problem? If you do have this please tell me how to solve this I really wanna play the game.

download it to your pc, it will be easier

Quick Q bro don't have PC only have android. That's why I stated Android version.

Interesting. I have android 7 and launched the game well, managed to recruit Daria, stumbled upon the huntress on the first day of Act 3 and went to visit Mary Aya, it seems to be <farmer>

I have android verison 11 yetc still it's a problem and yeah I also did those I played 4.3.8 then quit so the game adds something new but now nothing. Whenever I open game and the cat sisters come up in the beggening the game crashes everytime.

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Overall Ravager is among the best H-Games I've ever played, if you're into the kind of things this game has to offer, you can stop reading here and just start playing.

I wanna start the long part of my comment with the basic premise of the game, the idea to let player take the role usually given to the antagonist is by itself already interesting but not that novel anymore, yet I've never seen it executed that well.

In other evil-MC games, the player is often either forced too much into being cruel or evil, either simply by a lack of options the game presents, which is frustrating and breaks immersion, or narrative apologetics that excuse the player's behavior too much and thereby drain the actual evilness from it. Another problem is that the consequences of and the writing after evil options sometimes seem short and vapid as if the writers just want them there for the sake of it rather than maintain the notion that the MC might actually be evil throughout the entire writing process. Ravager exhibits none of these problems, stays clear of forcing unnecessary moral ambiguity, and even better: It manages to incorporate machiavellistically justifiable "evilness" (eg. dooming woman to be raped by kobolds to win a war) alongside pure, pointless cruelty. During my playtoughs I often felt free to do as I please, be merciful or cruel at a whim, scare them, spare them, rape them, kill them, whatever I please, yet I've also often felt the necessity to make the fate of characters a strategic decision. This is astonishingly well executed.

The next thing I want to touch on is the decision to have the MC decisively be a Dragon. No scaly humanoid with horns and tail, no shapeshifting into humanoid form or any other excuse to make the MC a human in some way. This feels very refreshing and makes this a very appealing and interesting fantasy, not just another basic H-Game fantasy sprinkled with animalistic traits.

On the narrative side of things, the game is good at presenting a satisfying power fantasy, giving the player the lethal form of a dragon, with all the perks that come with that, while not being invulnerable, esp at the beginning. When looking for them, there are cracks in the facade though: When attacking Sabetha and Inej for example the fight seem somewhat contrived and not really authentic IMO, but given the sheer amount of unapologetic fantasy in the game and that MC is a dragon, nailing this kind of thing is anything but easy and overall the game does very well in that regard.

I also really like how information is exposed, it risks leaving small gaps in the player's understanding of the world to have the player think about it and/or have things fall into place from other characters or plotlines without leaving the player too clueless at any point in time.

In terms of characters Ravager has some weaknesses, Balthorne and Darja especially are rather bland characters(although Darja is very likable) and yes I'm applying rather high standards here, compared to many other games(esp. H-Games) Ravager's characters are perfectly fine, and considering how many characters there already are compared to how big the game is as of now this is excusable, but still, I feel like there's some lost potential there.

In terms of assets, the game already good but still feels a bit scruffy here and there. IMHO it could use some nice artwork for more non-sexual and semi-sexual scenes(like the one biting Balthorne's arm, or the one heating up the water in the minecart with dragon fire). One example where such artwork would be nice is the scene where you can kill Heloïse yourself for a specific reason(not gonna elaborate to not spoil it here). I have no experience developing VNs so idk how much development resources these artworks cost(nor how much this kind of project brings in) so maybe this is a limitation given by the scope of the project and also, as the disclaimer at the start of the game says, the assets might not be final, but I think this is worth pointing out anyways.

I've been playing on version 4.3.12 so if there's a later version, things might have changed.


Thank you for your thoughtful review! I'm glad that you're enjoying the game, and appreciate some of the design decisions that I've made. I'd certainly like to add more (and more modern) illustrations for less explicit scenes - our artist Lubbio is already working at 100% capacity, but I've taken on Undoodle (who did the final showdown with Balthorne) to help with that.


Hello, I really liked your game! After the first passage, I did not know that there are other characters that can be obtained by doing this or that. When I saw the new ad, I ran to download it, taking the safe from the last accident and what a shame it was when I met the English language after escaping from the white mountain. Unfortunately, English is not given to me well .. Ahem.. I want to say that in version 4.3.8, the entire translation worked stably, but in 4.3.12, it was as if there was no translation. There are only some places, but no more. Now I'm trying to find the previous version and so far without result. Could you help me at least download the previous version for PC via a separate link? Please


Which language is your native one?



My best most favorite game,我超喜欢!

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I am a writer and I enjoy the game immensely and I would LOVE to write for it, or even a Ravager novel if allowed to.

Awesome! Would you like to post a sample of your writing on our Discord server (linked in the game's main menu)?

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Sure thing, just be aware this is a rough draft of an original sci-fi novel that I am currently doing, or did you mean write a sample of the game then send it, I can do that too.  If you wanted to adapt it to a game, I can allow it if you are interested in doing that after this game. Please, let me know as soon as possible. 

Any of your writing is welcome! It's so that we can understand your style. 

Ok, I'll send a chapter of my latest book to you.


I hope to restore the Chinese option. I can speak Chinese and help you with the translation.


That would be amazing! Please join our Discord server (linked in the game's main menu) and send me a message :)


I've played through it multiple times to try and get most of the scenes.  It's  a great game where your actions have consequences on the characters.  

Other than the black box, thanks for the patch,  I have not noticed that many errors in the game itself, a very good job.  Although, I did notice that a couple of lines in the last night with Heloise were different than what was said. (text did not match speech)  

I'm glad you are enjoying it! If you find any mistakes (including voice/text mismatches), let us know on Discord and I'll fix them :)

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I've tested this on two separate phones and both times the game crashed at one of the sisters lines in the intro. Both times I used the android download

This is a limitation of the RenPy packaging framework, I'm afraid. Android devices and OSes are all slightly different, and whichever configuration we pick, some phones won't support it :/ We go for the most broadly accepted setup, but I'm afraid it won't work for everyone.

When the game is done, we'll package to multiple configurations so that people can find the one that works for their phone. Unfortunately it's not practical to do that while we're still in the middle of development.

Apparently I have no save location? I'm on Mac, if that helps.

From what I can see, the backup directory on Mac should be under: ~/Library/RenPy/

Are you sure there's no "Ravager-" folder in there?

It's take me time to figure out that protean fate means become one with mama. look like if I want all girls alive with me. The only way is the tower.

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Do you have plans to draw gore like biting balthorne make it blurd or just normal draw maybe something like that?

And how to transfer save in android I mean you just update right now.

I love the game so far! It has been oddly satisfying being the typical evil fairy tail dragon or, a kind dragon instead.

Though, one thing that I'm not 100% on is how it seems that Naho is the "all of the bad things I can possibly think of will happen to you" character. And unlike most other maidens you don't have many options to be nice to her, other than not doing any hard R stuff to her and apologising when given the option. For example, with The Merchant, you can spare her and continue to be nice to her (or go down in a completely different direction).

There's only 1 ending on this game?


Act IV ends with the assault on pale rock. It can go several ways, but it's not the ending of the game itself. Act V is in the works!


Really enjoyable if you're messed up in the head
Well done


I don't get why people are so upset by this comment lmao. 

It sounds like he's calling people messed up I guess.

Honestly, I do agree with that. You do need to be a little messed up to be turned on by rape or zoophilia. But obviously I'm not shaming anyone, this is just a game


I'm perfectly well-adjusted and I think it's quite neat. But then, I'm probably biased.


I'd say really enjoyable period, -aka even if...
I went down different paths through that game enjoyed it everytime
Although playing nice guy in hard mode is well... hard...

Welp I have forever locked myself out of the infernal route.....

If you wonder what happened Heloise happened.

All of the characters are really great but I went full simp for Ziz lol

Hail chiicks with deeks!

any new information about her content is much appreciated ^_^


Ziz has lots of new VA arriving in the next patch, and will have plenty more content in Act V!

How to get the infernal route with valazar and also still have the wolf tribe


It won't work for me. I'm on android and it keeps saying that it's having trouble parsing  the package. I've un-installed and re-installed the game, didn't work. Neither did deleting the app from my phone and re-downloading it help. Plz fix this. I've played the game before and loved it, but now I can't even get passed the cat-girl sisters first line of dialog before the game crashes.

(1 edit)

Probably because you don't have enough space(1-2 gb* free) or if that doesn't work, try using the pc ver with joiplay


i cant pull my mind out of sabetha. like i like her accent so much that it tickles my hearth. it pounds so hard that sometimes its annoying. why would you put such lovely voice in it? i cant sleep well. something about that voice aghh im carving for more. put me out of my misery 

when do you think you will be finished with version 5.0

so I heard you can apparently get with the mother now? how do I do that

Buy the game on steam or i think here too. But it's just end game content. Sets up next act that they are working on

ah I got it, It was a dream sequence


I really adore playing as a sick in the head monster and I hope they will make a squeal to it, or another game has a different monster to play and more female to forceful plow.

I want loli characters next time if possible it can be an elf or a immortal character that is short to avoid complainers toward fictional content.

I hate that so much find real criminals okay.


This is something you said in another comment: "I don't I think if it has to count as zoophile content it has to be a real animal we see in real life." So it applies to animals but not people? That's not fair. There are small women in real life, if you just like small women you don't have to call it "loli" unless you're actually into child characters which is basically p.dophilia but in fiction which is still really disgusting. Lolicon encourages real pedos to think sexualizing children is okay (it's not okay). Even if it's a fictional character, it still enables horrible people to sexualize something innocent and unable to consent at all. People complain about this enabling because affects real children


Yeah, the dragon part was a joke. I meant vampire and elf that look young because their long lifespan they are still called loli.

 (Anime Trem: Fictinal characters that look young usually mythical creatures or are young 'like a Japanese school girls' in anime world) mostly they are mythical creatures that's what I am meant. 

The whole loli characters normalized 'such a heinous crimes' is a load of shit in my oppion, is like saying adding cartoon animals normalized 'Crossing such a line' and is like saying snuffed fictional is normalizing 'What the what!'.

I think there's a huge defferince between lust over a fictional characters than lust over real people illegal. 

Do you see me killing people when I play GTA or Hatred.  

I don't support criminals doing real shit in real life and if people found out what the artist did bad things to real person while still making fictional contents majory will leave. 

I will and I dont want to be a part of a group that actually hurt real people, is like saying all artist and people who devours certain fictional content support actual criminals. 

Criminals are the one who are trying to bad fictional characters and certain artist who just fan art like Misty or Lady Aura doesnt matter who. 

To be honest I don't what people draw or create as long is ficton and isn't base on real events, real people, who cares. 

But you have the rights to feel that way.. I am just saying. 


I think we both have different definitions of loli. The one that is more commonly used is one that specifically means underaged characters, not just adult ones that look somewhat young or are in a moe art style. The normalization of heinous crimes is REAL because I've seen it with my own eyes. I have unfortunately seen and attempted to report posts of sexualized art of literal INFANT babies, toddlers, ect. There is no way that that art is not pedophilic. Pedos will seek that out and make loli because it sexualizes the idea of being a child- whether real or fiction, it's icky. And supporting that kind of art is in a large way siding with the pedos. Plus things like furry porn is mostly made up species that are not able to be found anywhere in real life and have a significant amount of human traits, so it doesn't enable anything harmful because those creatures don't exist and can't be harmed, whereas children exist everywhere. If it's an elf girl with small tits, that's not exactly the same bc you can't find them irl so it's more excusable. (I personally think things like fake gore is okay, while others may not but child exploitation is an ABSOLUTE no in every circumstance... taking away the innocence of a helpless being is just the lowest of the low. ) Anywho, I suggest using different words like "petite" or "moe" to describe your interests since it drives less traction towards the disgusting side of the internet. 


my game just crashes when starting

I am on android version 11 if it helps

Keeps crashing when starting the game

A mi tablet Android también le pasa


very fun. characters cool.  good art. good work

The progress is showing in the galary but it wont load

What do i do

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