A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

We all know the story: hero emerges from humble beginnings, slays the tyrannical dragon, and ushers in a new era of peace and prosperity.

But here, it's the other way around.

Ravager is a game where you play a young dragon, determined to reclaim their birthright. To do so, you will need to build your power, ally with dark forces, evade justice, and whet your bestial appetites.

The game currently spans for the first two chapters of the story: from your birth, through to the point you claim a lair. It has a nonlinear plot with many significant choices to make (and fun to have) along the way.

Ravager is currently in its second stage (version 2.x). It includes:

  • Voice acting (original)
  • Character art (some original, some temporary)
  • CGs (some original, some borrowed with permission)
  • Maiden-kidnapping
  • Lair development
  • Horde management
  • Story up to the end of Chapter 3

As version 2 continues to update, I’ll be adding more plot, more waifus, more scenes, more hordes, and more events.

It is very NSFW. Adult content must be enabled via the Preferences menu. Consider yourself warned.

Ravager is free, and I don't make any money from it, but you are welcome to pop over to Patreon to assist with the cost of voice acting & art commissions if you like!


Ravager 2.1.7 for PC 291 MB
Ravager 2.1.7 for Linux 275 MB
Ravager 2.1.7 for Mac 274 MB
Ravager 2.1.7 for Mobile 279 MB
Ravager 2.1.7 for Tablet 280 MB

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Hey, sorry if this is a dumb question/explained in the game and I just missed it, but what does the number at the top right counting down represent?


It's the number of days remaining to find a lair (in Chapter 2) or before the huntress finds you (in Chapter 3)!


Wow! I was wondering the same thing. I missed were it was written...


Thank you, I kinda figured it out by purposefully letting it tick down, luckily I had a save from earlier so I was able to go back and properly enjoy my time.

when the time is up you duied or end of chapter 

So is there like a quota for updates like monthly? Or is it just random times whenever u get the content for the update done? Just wondering. Didnt want to come off as anything other than curious

I've tried a few different methods! These days I do a Patreon build at least once a month, and a public release every time I have a version how I like it.

Deleted post

Thx for update



Cool game and all, but what happened to not have an itch app compatible version?

Sorry, could you rephrase your question?


Sorry, it was 4am when I made that comment.

The game is actually awesome, but I'm bummed there isn't an itch app compatible version available (AKA not available to download through the itch app on desktop), even though it was available on older versions. What happened?

Ah! That makes sense :) I don't know why it's not working on the desktop itch app, but I'll give it a look when I upload the next version.


Cool beans!


He want to open it in itch.io app like a browse games


I guess in itch app had an update and in update maked a bug 

Or just add some links compatible with new update

Any news from update?

Next update will be towards the end of this month!


Thanks mate

Hi! I like a lot how the story evolves! Are there some news for the next chapter?

2.2 is dropping for Patrons toward the end of this month, and for everyone else next month. There's a lot more stuff to be added to Chapter 3 before I move stuff forwards, but Chapter 4 is in the works!


Thanks a lot! :)

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Troubleshooting info for android keyboard error.

Problem:  when entering your name, the done button is replaced with the return key, and the done button is required to continue the narrative.

Workaround 1:  on a fresh install for the first time on your device, open the game while holding the device in landscape.  Once the problem happens it will remain broken even if you reinstall.

Workaround 2:  if the problem already happened for you, i fixed it by clicking the settings button on the keyboard while in landscape mode, keyboard layout, keyboard layout, then once you see the screen where you can adjust the size of the keyboard, switch back to ravager.

Possible fix:  Change progession from "done" on the keyboard to a "next" or "continue" button in the interface.  This will both make it easier to review the name entered for typos as well as avoid a buggy interaction with the keyboard.

Hope this helps both players & development

Hey I just downloaded the newest version for my galaxy 7 and I can't get past naming my character. I have pressed the return button and that didnt work and neither does pressing the new line button on the keyboard. What am I doing wrong?

i think you will have too give him a name first and then press enter

That's the issue. Hitting enter doesn't work.

It's an Android platform problem, I'm afraid!

1. disable screen lock and then rotate your phone so you get the larger keyboard. If that doesn't work : 

2. download a third party keyboard app. If that doesn't work: 

3. try playing on a different platform

Well that's sad. Do you plan on fixing this in future updates?

I can't, I'm afraid, it's an Android issue.

Switch keyboard in android settings fixes this issue. 

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Hitting the settings button on the keyboard then switching back to ravager fixed it for me

Edit: settings button, keyboard layout, keyboard layout.  Once you see the screen that adjusts the keyboard, switching back fixes the ravager keyboard

this game is coming along amazingly,
i just went to take  look at the game files and saw some awsome stuff that i cant wait for to happen in game,one litle question tho, may i know in which file the stat codes are located in, since i too want to expand the walkthrough.


Great Game! i had an older version and i went through all different routs. it was all put together very well. cant wait to see how far through story this game will go.


I have some good things what can make the game better:

Ork,Fairy,Giant,Undead clans

Make that we can capture all bases 

Auto save what+when we die we can chose from all autosaved or amnual saved saves (its not drop player into the main menu)

You can make baby dragons with Farm girl (farm girl do not die pls)

(Lay eggs and you inqubate tham)

+Custom servant : you can chose 

Gender,Clan (from what clan is it from),+tits, but......


Lemme answer some of these suggestions with things that are already explained or shown in-game:

-Undead clans: That could be the Children of the Last Gasp (or whatever they call themselves);

-Farm girl laying and/or incubating: I don't know if it's really gonna happen. In-game there's an explanation that only the royal line (aka Princess Adeline) can give birth to true dragons, so probably not happening unless it's half-dragons (or whatever comes out of non-royals) that you want;

-Autosave and whatnot: I mean, you can always save before choosing an option if you think it might kill you. By the way, how is going back to the menu after a death an issue?

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hey, i downloaded the 2.0.3 version but just played it yesterday for the first time and i just  wanted to say it turned out to be my favorite video game ever (of the genre). Keep up the good work :D



Enjoyed it so far.  Different take.  Bummed when it stopped.  Though when the swamp witch begged, would have been nuce to accept her offer. Getting her pregmant with a kobold would have been humiliating for her. And shown dominace over her. But still thought the tame was great.

How do you get the witch?

There are three different routes in the game at present. It's easiest if you lair in the Ancient Spire.

I went to the Ancient Spire and I don't know which person, tribe, or how much potency i need.

If you can I think it would be a good idea to have a sex scene with the demon since the discription says she rivals you in size makeing them the only one so far that can please a dragon.

It's planned :)

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Good update, chapter 4 when comes out?

Months or weeks or days

I'd like to get the remaining hordes and waifus in place before I move to Chapter 4, which moves away from the free roam to the conquest of the realm, and starts the build toward the conclusion of the game. Judging from the dev plan, this will be somewhere between three and five minor versions away (but they will all be very high-content releases).

Silly question, but will there be multiple endings based on the particular parameters that the "dragon" has or on how many waifu's have been collected?

There will be a lot of different endings, depending on the choices you make.

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Chapter 4 when i s coming out my friend?

+Can yo make that, when you didnt ate the girl you can make slave from her


i just want chapter 4!, hope  it comes out soon

Hello and good time of day.

Great game so far.  

For "Lair development", dragon evolution, and other gameplay things you can check my game "Time for Dragons". Sorry, game itself only avaiable in russian language, but you can look to scripts - they was not protected in any way and you can take solutions and code fragments to enchance gameplay of Ravager.





Best regards.

Contact on Discord: Eliont#9353 or https://discord.gg/UFQbNnC

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Is chapter 3 supposed to end with the huntress scene everytime or can you do something else? I read the walkthrough and encountered her in Chapter 2.

Edit: I like the game concept btw, will donate on further update when I have the chance.

It's the natural conclusion of Chapter 3, although the way it will play out when it's finished will depend on your decisions!

Hi! How's the work with the new chapter?

2.1 is in alpha now, and there's been good feedback from the patrons - I'm working on the beta, and it's coming together nicely. There's a lot of new content, but I'm confident it'll release before the end of this month!

If you want to see how things are progressing, the best way is to hop on over to Discord.


I downloaded it for my android and i liked how it was going but when i typed my name it would not let me enter the name and continue anyone know whats wrong if so please help.


You can fix it by changing keyboards, I used the Google keyboard to fix it 


Okay thanks


I love the direction y'all are going in, the only things I'd complain about is, 1) there doesn't seem to be a place to train up your skills, like a training hall, i understand you may do something about this in the future, but you should have a placeholder in place so you can train, for me I couldn't find any way to increase my strength, which means I was lacking in certain situations. Then my only other complaint would be how fast the days decrease, at times a single option took away three days there was another time where I swear it took four days away, I would really like this to be more consistent, just me though. Otherwise, its an amazing game, I'm excited to see where you take it, and thanks for making the game for us.


Thanks for the feedback! I've tweaked the days progression for the next version, which I think you'll like. If you want to boost stats fast, the best option is to get your kobolds to build you something appropriate! More options will be added as the game progresses, but I want to avoid anything too grindy

When chapter 4 comes out?

The next few updates will update and expand on the content in Chapter 3 - there's plenty more to see! When that is where we want it to be, I'll start work on Chapter 4.

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Got an error after exploring  the deep chambers of the sunken temple, proceeding further, and staring at the statue.
The link contains details and will expire in 30 days.
Can't wait to see how this progresses, I love it!


Thank you! I've caught the temple bug, and it will be fixed in the next version.


I like a lot this game! Thanks :) 

Any chance of a Linux port?

Sure, I'll build one for the next release!


Thank you so much!!

Walkthrough has a mistake:  it says "meet best girl. Wolf Girl." when best girl is clearly Kobold Trap (okay if you wanna go for physically girl, then Merchant Girl)

The Waifu Wars are active on Discord, if you wish to take up arms


This is a nice game with good story can't wait to get the witch and demon.


Hey, awesome game so far, and am loving every second of it

I am curious about one thing only though regarding a couple plot points, with the witch and the princess they are able to freeze us in place with a few words. What I'm wondering is if in a future update, will there will be a way to overcome this ability of theirs, with say enough draconian power or simply being old enough and thus immune to their effects. It would be very amusing to have been frozen earlier and then return once we're strong enough and turn the tables on them

This will definitely be explored further in future updates :)


I've noticed that in the prefrences page there is a gey option what exactly dose that entale is it a defeat thing or will be activly able to seek out males

Also if it is the later will there be options for you to recive or will you be giving only?


It will be the latter - and to answer your followup question, that will be up to the writers I collab with for those segments!


Nice also do you plan on giving sex interactions to the kolbolds i had this feeling like it is something you sposed to be able to do but just wasn't ready


In later addons to the game will we be seeing beastiality? The farm girl Clearly had some fun with the horses and maybe the dragon could get an option to sneak up on her and watch her fuck the horses or blow them idk


Too bad there isn't an Orc tribe (yet, I hope?), I was waiting to use the "FOR THE HORDE!" line...

Really enjoyed the game so far, I'm still at chapter 2, so yeah, lots of exploring to be done. 

Question, is the monastery done? I've visited it before, and after making my lair. It has the exact same line and scene. Granted I didn't expect that I'd force myself on a nun, maybe create a few chaos like scaring em or something, but I'm not particularly upset, just the usual "Oh~ Shit, my bad...".

Still, great job!

Thank you! I'm fleshing it out a bit more in the next update, including giving you proper choices. I hope to do more with it again later on!


It seems if you have too many people some don't show up in captives. Out of the seven only see five.

Thanks for the report - I'll have a look!


Uhm boss, is the option to make the kobolds do something for you intentionally be unable to make more when there are below 15 days.  Torture chamber takes days and even in my fastest run I got only tort and lay traps.  Also you automatically die after the countdown. No traps no wolf tribe will help. Was wondering if bugs or still in the works?  


also there is an image missing from that place deep in the see temple

it gives ou an error that the image is not found

Thank you for the report! I'll take a look :)


best game ever, loved it.

is there a way to make the wolf girl surrender to you, i really like here

That should be possible! You'll want high Strength, and the appropriate content flags enabled. 

yea i did that but i meant to make her stop trying to fight you after you take her to your lair

Ah! Not yet, but that is a plotline I plan to add :)


yes please, i like her the most also cant wait for chapter 4

Anyone please help, how can I imprison merchant girl? When I attack (lair or no lair) I get options to eat, fuck or let her go but can't seem to get imprison\get to lair option.


At the moment, the merchant can only be captured after you force her to go, then return to the roads. I'll be adding a couple more routes soon.

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