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Created an account just to say thanks for the update.

:(((( i still cant input my name. No okay or enter option and my virtual keyboard isnt helping. I really wanna be a dragon lol :((((

If you're using Android:

1. disable screen lock and then rotate your phone so you get the larger keyboard. If that doesn't work :
2. download a third party keyboard app. If that doesn't work:
3. try playing on a different platform

If you're not using Android, let me know the details and I'll see what I can do.


3rd party keyboard worksssss. Thanks for being approachable lol. Will surely support you from now on. Thankkkssssss again. 

No problem, glad I could help!

Found bugs, you can't take farm girl if you fucked her in the ass the first time in tha farmstead.  If you gift her to the kobolds it's error massage.

Also the merchant by the road,  after taking her to the spire and handing her to the kobolds, you can't find her in the captives.

also if you visit her it brings up an error and if you ignore it it makes you leave

Ok,  so many choice end up with 'i haven't written this yet' and returns you to main menu without questions asked. And many of the girls don't have interactions after captivity?  Or bug?  Can we please get a return to the previous chapter with full attributes? 

Thanks for the reports! I'm working on a bugfix update today.

Thank you.

Aaand it's out!


I have never downloaded an update that fast in my entire life


Hell Yeah. Finally.


dang. if feels like tine moves diffrently in 2.0. beyond that it seems interesting


It updated! YAY!

Is there any news on the status of the update? Not trying to rush, just curious.


Yeah, it was released for patrons last week, but it was full of flaws. Seriously, that build was broken. Since then, there were 3 bug-fixing builds. 

If you want to keep in touch with creator, consider becoming patreon.

Also, i wouldn't suggest playing pre-builds, if you expect solid, bugless experience, it is worth to wait for stable version.

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Ok. Thanks for the update, and I will definitely become a patron when I'm able. Good luck on the fixes.


Yep, 2.0 was... a bit of an undertaking! Hopefully future updates, which don't require quite so much code work, will be a smoother process. I'm gonna do more playtesting myself, too, so that patrons can enjoy more of a polished experience.


I know creating this content is not easy. So good luck on the rest of it, and I hope it goes smoothly for you.

He did say about a week

I thought it would release for public this week?

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Can't wait.  Game is great so far! Can you hint at any of the new material showing up in Chapter 3?  New ladies making an appearance?

Uploading today! I'll make a dev post with all the changes in :)


I love this game! I honestly downloaded first because I was checking out nsfw games, but when I played I realized how this game had actual proper nsfw rating in a way that player is able to gore, maim, kill and rape, but can choose to be merciful and charming still.

Love the intro, love how you manage to convey both dradon's terrifying visage and power and still make player understand that there are many things that can kill our young protagonist.

One-word speech is amazing too. First time playing Charming character with that speech impediment :)

Two questions though: what Potency gives to a dragon (didn't meet check for potency in a game yet), and where's that cave? I checked all locations and can't find it! Farmgirl and Merchant both hint on a location and tell me where to go yet when I go there - nothing.


In chapter 2 there is 3 places you can find to hide, the cave is one of them but choosing will end the day so choose carefully

Will different hiding places matter much, or can I just pick the one that aestetically pleasing to me and trust it'll be as good as others?

I think that choosing a different hiding place will change some aspects of the story

I'm glad you're enjoying it so much! Potency (like the Reputation stats) is something that gets more important later on - you'll see its first application in v2.1.


Still waiting for that update

a good update later, is better than a bug ridden/broken one now.
rushing is worse for everyone, including you.


v2.0 is big (more than twice the size of 1.7, code-wise), but I'm getting it ready as quickly as I can - we're on our third beta on Patreon, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you when it's finished.


Don't rush, I know it seems like I'm pressuring ya

im reading this line of comments and can't help but laugh thinking that 2.0 will be like an extra 20 minutes of gameplay. some extreamly intense 20 minutes of game play. it makes me laugh even if i know its not true.

There was a game that played very, very close to this one that I wished I knew where to find. 

In it, you played as the dragon, but on the more evil side of things. In the game 'your mother' was a demon queen or some such that gives birth to your egg, then you hatch and so on starting out as a whelp. She tasks you with building an army by finding a lair, then raiding places for materials and resources. The way to create army beasties was to fly out and capture princesses, then do the dirty and have her birth the spawn. Over time, you were able to evole and age into new types of dragons.


Was it Defiler Wings?

ya its defiler wing


I absolutely love this game. I even went through all the dialogue options.  There's already a lot of different paths and options, so I cant wait to see how complex the story and world become. Btw, how large is the content increase for 2.0?

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Also, I would recommend adding a "hide text" button to android since text tends to cover a large part of the art.

Thanks for the feedback! 2.0 is twice the size (10k > 20k lines of code), but it branches more heavily. It'll continue to expand as 2.x progresses.


love the new top picture.


Update update update update :D

I liked more the old art, the new one looks too comical or effortless compared to the previous. Why the change?


You can pick your art style based on what you prefer - use the Preferences menu!

so does that mean your going to have old and new art all the way through the game when it is finally done? so people can have both options. that does not sound productive. 


Yep! The old art style is easy to produce and doesn't take up much space, so it doesn't cause any issues to keep supporting it.


Smart idea thanks for that!!! Keep It up !!!


Checking site like 10 times per day, since 2 weeks. Cant sleep at nights.

This game is so good GIMME 2.0


Thank you! 2.0 beta is dropping for Patrons tonight; public release in the next week!

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Which tier on patreon allows to download patreon releases? Im young dragon and wonder if thats enough.

EDIT: Okay, i see that every tier has access via discord (you should've informed about it better, to be honest). Im patron but back then i decided to not join discord. Is there possibility to join now?

Yes, absolutely! Send me a message on Patreon and I'll send you a link.

Is the update live yet ?

v2.0 beta is live for Patrons; it'll be released here in about a week, depending on the amount and variety of feedback I get from them. 

Do you have to devour beauties in order to become stronger? I'm just trying not to hurt anything that has b00bs and cute. 

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you can kill dudes and animals to get stronger like the trader's ox. or the farm cows, and the ship mercinaries.


Huh, thank you.

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I have some questions:
- In version 1.7 on Linux, with enabled Animated art, you can spot disappearing sprites each time it changes (like when you bite Princess she is happy, disappear and then she is angry) Will it be fixed, or is it unfixable?
- Whats the difference between guro and gore?
- is patreon version of 2.0 already realeased?
Also, still love this game and way it evolves. Its refreshing to play smt with actual rape.


Gore - our cute dragon loves to eat beauties. Guro - our cute dragon loves to rigidly dismember the bodies of beauties. Gore - innocent eating. Guro - surgeon's game. 


It's an interesting game. Hopefully it will be completely finished in the future

Thank you! I'm continuing to develop it, and I'm in for the long haul.

I cant get past the what should i call you part

If you're on Android, try rotating the screen or downloading a third-party keyboard.


Am I checking every day, thrice a day, if the new version is out? You can't prove it 😊


Haha! v2.0 arriving in the next week :)


Loving the game so far and I'll definitely be keeping up with it! I can hardly wait to see how great it turns out to be. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! I think you'll like what's coming next :D


Loving the game :D cant wait to see what's next, the addition to basically ng+ the previous chapter is a super awesome touch too, felt good to stick it to that wolf lady x3


Thank you,  I'm glad you're enjoying it! Chapter 3 is likely to be out before the end of this month :)

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When can we expect the next update to fall? Its been almost the two weeks, and I am just curious. 

Love the game thus far. I have explored every possible option to this point and am just so curious to see where you take this marvelous game.


The next update will be v2.0, which will arrive before the end of the month. I'm taking some extra time for it, because it's an important release with lots of new content!

Can I get your discord link and possibly a email for review questions?

Hi hi! Patrons should receive a Discord invite, but message me over there if you're missing yours. I can be reached for general questions at

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Got an error while playing v1.7:

Seems to be just missing hunter_angry.png file

Game installed via client, if that matters.

Update: This seems to be avoidable if I choose different graphic style than the default Old.

Thanks, May! I've located the bug and fixed it for the next version.


Give me more on this story please because I like it lots.


Thank you! There will be more story in the next update :)


This is great!

I'm glad you're enjoying it!


The character illustrations are nice as they are. Most western-made stuff like these make use of horrible looking character designs as if they were trying to disgust you to death.

How about steering the game where yoir choice will have a deep impact later rather than just choosing the event that will occur currently. So there is this scene in chapter 2 where you see the huntress in trouble with the centaurs, letting them have their way with her and staying that course should give the player the chance to rid her and when the player does not come to the forest,  then the centaurs would get the chance to knock huntress down... And the like. 


I agree with you, and the choices you make now have a significant impact on what happens later! The Chapter 3 interlude changes depending on your actions with the huntress, but that won't be the end of it. 


oh and one more thing. As an anal fetishist myself, i find the scene with the farm girl anal rape to be the most arousing thing in the previous chapter, so please do more of those. I don't have much aversion to netorare anymore so that's also fine, but with more focus on the ass. Just more options to fuck and rape the ASS please. 

This is good but please update

Thank you! I update with a new version every two weeks.


hey I gotta ask in stuck on the game at the beginning where I input the name. It won't let me input any name so I'm just stuck there... This is the Android version.

This is a hard limitation on some phones, I'm afraid; rotate your screen and then try again!

Yeah, it's doing me no good.

It worked for me just start typing the name and click the enter button on your virtual keyboard

yeah doesn't work for me, every time I hit enter the key board just doesn't react

Have you tried checking the app permissions? I had that same problem till i allowed storage.


Just wow... I'm going to be honest, Usually I give games similar to yours that seem to be interesting (the whole visual novel thing) about 8mins to captivate me and usually they fail, I gave yours that and then some, already looking forward to more, wish I could have at least played till chapter 3, and (while this may seem a bit rude) I demand you make a patreon so I can shove money down your throat at least every month

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Hahaha, thank you! Kind words indeed :) I'm working hard on Chapter 3, which will begin opening up soon. I'll see what I can do about that Patreon - a hand with commissioning costs will certainly be welcome!

Patreon is now live! There's a link in the menu of the most recent version.

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i've created this acc just to follow you. This game is great! When should we expect next update? More like "in few days" or "in few weeks"?

And will you add some images to "devour" scenes? Would love to see some.

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Hey there, thanks for the support! The next update will drop this weekend - I'm playtesting and polishing it now. I try to get a new version out every couple of weeks if I can. I like to update little and often!

The first round of art commissions are underway. Once we have the character art and main scenes done, I can look at getting art in for the devour scenes.


Created this account just to follow you. I love your game! Didn't expect to, just came across it on another forum, now I'm captivated, can't wait for the next update. Just some words of encouragement.

That's really wonderful, thank you! I'm working on the next update now, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you :)

I have tried downloading this several times, but it does not seem to launch on my android. This looks like it would be quite fun, but just can't seem to get it to work.

Hi! Thank you for the report - that's weird. I'll see if I can recompile it and get it working correctly. 

Thank you! I also seen others talk it doing it to them as well on different sites, and also on android, if that helps any. What it does for me, is that it downloads and installs. But when I launch the game, it pops up only for a second before closing.

I'm looking forward to trying again later! :)

Found the problem! Compilation woes. I've updated the file - could you please try again?


I just reinstalled it and it launched perfectly! Thank you!


Game is great, you should create patreon page, I would've definitely support you

Cheers! After I've made a bit more progress, I'll add the option to support art & VA costs :)

Patreon is now live! There's a link in the menu of the most recent version.


I enjoyed playing through what you've done so far. Keep up the good work. (would encourage more RP opportunities and storyline, but the balance you have now is also cool)

Thanks Kiljek! I'm keen to add some extra depth to the personalities and dynamics involved, which will become a large part of Chapter 3 (when we're no longer limited to one-off encounters). Is there anything in particular you wanted to see?


I appreciate you asking. It's hard to say. I'm really intrigued by the storyline of being a dragon and hooking up with girls. I would like for there to be a little bit more than just, "oh I love dragons. Please bone me." :) Not saying that's all it is, but based off the little I played that's basically been the only relationship building other than they princess at the beginning. Also a little bit of concept art for the scenes would be cool. I love the art style the game has already. I guess I don't really know what exactly I'd request except perhaps more RP and more art. Anyway, thanks!


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this game, and I hope your continued work bears fruit as promising as what's in the current demo.  In particular I liked the detail of the sex scenes' narration, and how you're trying to stay true to how dragons have lore and personality (reflected through your choices) - they'e not just big, scary monsters. That and the description of the world and different factions kept me playing to find out what the demo has to offer.   I hope that you are able to acquire more specific artwork for the scenes, and maybe add a map (just my 2 cents).   

All in all, thanks and good work. 


Thanks fryfry - that's helpful feedback, and I appreciate your support! I'm going to try to keep fleshing out the content that's there while I'm working on Chapter 3, and that includes getting some custom artwork in. Next update will be in a couple of weeks, I hope!

Hello I have to say I am loving your game, the idea of playing the "monster" is a very refreshing change of pace. Definitely looking forward to more from you. The story itself is also very interesting, hope we get to save the princess soon.  Really like the description and detail you give to the scenes.

I do have a slight piece of advice, if you are going to get custom art for your game make sure they are done by the same guy. Nothing is more disorienting than having vastly different CG scenes. I might be bias but from what I saw in the game unless you already have another artist already planned or are going to do it yourself I feel like Lucien or Aka6 would be the best choices considering the theme of your game. (Although I know it can be expensive and they might not be available).

For the capturing of maidens in chapter 3 i do have an idea if you are interested. How about you come across a more mature noble or high ranking lady. She had little luck in marriage and still unmarried and is considered "too old" by most nobles making her chances of marriage abysmal. You can try to take her by force or try to charm her into coming willingly with you (after all a dragon can be quite the catch).

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