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Thx update bruh


I love the game. But I am hoping for more of the scene to be animated. So far only one is and it was cool. Plus when chapter 4 hits it will be awesome to play it too.

I'm hoping to have more scenes animated too :) As of writing, we're close to our goal of being able to afford more of our animator's time; if you'd like to contribute, we'll have a lot more animated scenes in future!

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Hi, i absolutely love this game and i'm super hyped for the full release of chapter 4, however, im wondering if you would ever consider adding a scene viewer, so that we can re-watch the scenes we've already seen instead of having to play through the game up to that point, would be great, again, can't wait for chapter 4!

How i know most of scences are re watchable


Hi there, I'm glad you liked it! A scene viewer is on my list of things to add, but it requires quite a lot of work to implement well (because a lot of scenes have stuff that is conditional on other stuff). When I have a little more time I'll have a look at it, but in the interim I would advise judicious use of extra saves.


Thank you for all your hard work                         love the game.


I hope we can play chap 4 soon

Can we catch the cat girls because the robbed the treasury?


You should have the Kobolds put out traps before you help them and capture the elf. If you tell them where your lair is and the traps are out they get caught when they attempt to sneak in and steal from you.

Thanks the help men

figured out that bit on my second playthrough, but sadly kept getting the girls caught and losing the game :/
and i can't properly remember how to beat the elf.

would be a bit better if there acually were animated scenes instead of just pictures.

There are two animated scenes in the game already! I'd like to get the rest animated, but it's quite labour-intensive, so it's dependent on my budget.

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Had this game on my watch list a while but haven't tried it yet.  Its kinda interesting its got animation.  I'll be honest though, I'm sorta of 2 minds about it.  On 1 hand animation done well is uncommon and would surely add something but on the other hand even big VN titles don't do it most of the time so that suggests that its more trouble than its worth and I imagine you're already fighting an uphill battle.  With a title like 'Ravager' I'm not sure if it will be to my taste in the first place but if it is I would sacrifice animation to have better everything else.  Hopefully animation just doesn't require sacrifice.

Everything requires a sacrifice somewhere else! Currently we are steadily expanding our character animations and adding in the occasional animated scene; if our budget expands, we'll be able to dedicate more to that process, but at the moment I'm happy with the balance. 

will issa ever get art or animation?

Yes :) He's got his character art at last, and I'll be following up with scene art after I've finished replacing the placeholder images (my current priority).

Wait issa is a trap or really a boy


thx for update bruh



3 base you can choose or there are more just i didnt found it?


There is three for now

okey than i know all of tham thx

there are 3

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When you sleep and Issa event happens you actually lose two days. You lose 1 day on hitting sleep, and when it says you go back to sleep finally free of interruptions you lose another day. 

Darja's Camp scene also costs two days when I imagine it is suppose to only be one.

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Please remover the clock

You can just use a save editing program and add as many more days as you want. 


A continuation after the ''final battle'' is comming? 

i`m really excited to see what comes next

is the little intro with the 2 girls a one time thing only?  I wanna watch it again

It is! I got feedback that people got bored of it, so I changed it to a once-only treat.

u can never please everyone, sad

i love this game and the concept thanks for the hard work cant wait to see more i have 2 questions and a suggestion will issa's seen ever have art or animation will there be more gay content  and i noticed there is no way to know how much gold or valuables you have maybe add a way to see that thank you


Ok, I love your game and everything.

So how do I support you and your team, sorry if I'm a bit blinded but couldn't find any such link.

I want to do what I can for you guys!


it is in the description

Ravager is free, and I don't make any money from it, but you are welcome to pop over to Patreon to assist with the cost of voice acting & art commissions if you like!

this game is fucking awesome i loved  and i am looking forward the next update 

No homo but may I ask when Will we get an art for the scene with issa


Oh no, Issa is no more the lovely trap ;-; 

Remove the clock please

So I recently had to get a new computer so I lost my previous saves. Is there a way to edit my stats (i.e strength,Potency,etc) so that i can just jump straight to the new content?

yes, dev console, see my other post


I got far enough to actually open the dev console. but no idea how to use it

im in the same boat got the dev console to show but hell if I know how to use it lol

just type in a statement

for example nCharm=10 or nDaysRemain=50


The new update is good :) 

When you gonna add chap 4 ?


The game is amazing, I just wish there was an option to turn off the clock so I could sit back and take full advantage of the world.

enable devconsole and set the days variable

how do you enable the devconsole?

in options.rpy define config.developer = True

shift+o opens it


Its been long since I last played a game like good old defiler wings. I love dragon's voice and the concept but there is one thing that bothers me.

Why is no girl a virgin? It makes me sad.


I did enjoy the game but I'm not going to spend money until I know it won't be abandoned. Once it's over the half way point I'll support it

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Ok, so i absolutely love this game, but i havent been able to download an update. After doing some research ive discovered its either, There are some important things in the file that are missing, or my phone is having issues. Ive freed a lot of space, and my wi fi has had no issues yet it continues to give me the "App Not Installed" message when i attempt to download it. Im not sure if it actuallt is my phone, but i do not think it is. Im on andriod by the way. If anybody has some ideas as to why its not working please do share, i just wanna play the game

I have heard of this problems and many others related to this kind of games, but i dont know what causes them. I never had these kind of problems, i have huawei P20 lite (android) 

I've had this problem before and I found freeing up memory usually fixes it

I did that, had almost nothing left on my phone before realising that wasnt the problem

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I've repackaged the Android builds - could you retry with one of the new versions, and let me know if that fixes it?


hey i know your busy and i love the game and the voice's , i seem to not be able to download the android version . . . . thats the only downside atm , keep up the good work and stay well in these worrying times :) x


I share the same issue


First of all, I absolutely love this game. It's so much fun, the artwork is great and I already like the story. I played through the latest version a few times to test different outcomes and dialogues and it was totally worth it.  I'm definitly looking forward to the next updates and content releases. The only thing that kinda bothers me is the fangirls face in the scene. Here portrait artwork looks great and then you are met with... Something.. Else. But everyone has their own favor so it's one of the best games I've ever played. I love that you can be the dragon for once as I've never seen a game where it is like this sadly. But here I have one ^^

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The game still needs a lot of polishing, but I really like the concept of the game and it's really promising.

So a little review of my experience, because I really want this game to be finished and get improved:

My biggest complaints are the completely 180º art differences from the manga arts for when you're talking with the characters, to the realistic hentai CG's

(I was really expectant when i realized i could do "stuff" with the handmaiden on the begginning because "peasant girls" are my thing and she looked cute on the manga style... only to start the scene and have that total shift in artstyle)

And the differences to artstyle between hentai CG's themselves were also a turnoff, which most of them weren't my cup of tea (regarding to artstyle, not the scene itself), i only liked the Farmgirl(the one where she's stuck on the wood planks) and Fangirl scenes.

Also a little detail, i can't take the huntress seriously at all with her angry face for how derpy it looks... And apparently there's a bug where i haven't even visited the thief sisters, and after some days i couldnt visit them at all because of the message that said to wait for them, even thought i never went there.

Now, putting the criticism aside. And also containing spoilers for the game

- When I started the game and saw, well... "Daenerys"... with that smug face and all that talk about using me to get powerful, it annoyed the hell out of me and I wanted to kill her on the spot, too bad i couldn't since i was just born... at least biting her was satisfying :v

And it was rly funny trying to listen to her while her face was full of spit(which, honestly, looked like cum, 99% sure it was intencional, and i loved it)

- I honestly kept laughing for 10mins straight when the merchant said "When does a fucking dragon get off to someone stripping?!" the voice acting just made it better

10/10, killed her anyways because she wasnt my type.

- Thief sisters are best "sis's" and i instantly liked them and it never ocurred to me to harm them

And after they saved me from the Inquisitrix's charm spell i didnt even get mad when they didnt show up with my share of the gold later on, they earned it... even tho they put me in that situation themselves... wait a minute.. those bitches!

- Also i really liked the dialogue/choices for when you are charmed by the Inquisitrix

when the scene started i just wanted to kill the inquisitrix on the spot, but i thought it was weird that i didnt had that option, then i selected to tell her to fuck off, but every option had my dragon answering "Okay lets talk", i was like "wtf, maybe they havent implemented those dialogue choices yet"

Then as the scene went on i realized it was a charming spell and got mindblown

- Really liked the farmgirl scene as a hentai scene itself, too bad she wasnt virgin because she likes her horses a little too much

- At the convent, when the Abbess offered to take the Nun's place herself, i just refused because she wasnt my type, then i started giggling like a little girl for how petty the dragon was by refusing her and her reaction of "why noooot...", lmao

Also the nun scene was nice, when the game said i had to return there to finish my business i was rly hoping to get more nuns, but it was just the Abbess...

- "Okay Dragon-me, theres a campfire there with a sole little girl alone at night, we are going to fiercely drop and do a majestic and threatening pose while roaring, shes gonna piss herself, we are gonna do our business to her, it will be like the farmgirl situation, its gonna be awesome"


Me & The Dragon: Whot

At first i thought she was full of shit and just pretending to be nice to me and then kill me in my sleep, like how 99% of the cast would in her situation.

But i still loved her, and her h-scene was really cute, tho a little weird by how realistically young she looked at the CG

Then i was just checking how she'd react if i gifted her to the other groups, and when i gifted her to Mother i realized how innocent and pure she was, and that she actually loves the dragon with all her heart.

Best girl, 10/10 would kill/sex-enslave "Daenerys" who hatched my egg and its the last of her line of dragon tamers, and replace her with the random little girl who just likes dragons and make her my queen

P.S: The function to go back the text and choices with the mouse wheel is the best thing ever.


Hey there! Thank you for your detailed review. It makes me really happy to hear how people have experienced and enjoyed the game differently - I read this with a big smile on my face.


Idk what you like about that girl, but DAMN SHES UGLY. When i look at girls, at look at all of it. The body is ok, but that face... Dragon or not, its still fucking creepy. That look... That obsession in her eyes... It fucking creepy dude! And the farmgirl, shes ok, apart from the tits. Too big for me. I like smool tities, not big pieces of fat. (this is not a critique, i am just talking about tastes, and preferences, don't take this as a review)

But her being the only girl who actually cares for you is what makes me like her :c

Also, her anal scene is way different then the regular one, i gotta admit that she looks kinda like Smeagol on that one because of her eyes

I know, the princess cares for you, but its just because she wants to use you to ascend to the throne... And Mother doesnt count

If i understood well the scene with the infernals, you are actually the princesse's prince. You were a man, you were her boyfriend or brother or something like that, and she sacrificed you to the infernals to get a dragon. And the infernals used the prince's soul to make the dragon. Thats why the infernal lord knows you, because he/she/it gave you the body of a dragon(the infernal lord is a woman with a cock, thats why i was saying he/she/it) so you have the soul of a prince, and the body of an infernal. So she is not a mother, but a sibling or an ex, or something like that. The infernals can be met in the mines, the lair in the highlands. They will ask for the insquitrix(i hope i havn't messed up with that word) She is in the bastion, in the highlands city. You can get her by helping the 2 thief girls. Then take her to the lair to the infernals. 


*spoiler* I don't know if you know. But if you strip merchant and say go/run without clothes when you turn back to roads other merchants will find her and make a sex toy. 

Didn't knew that, thx


I downloaded it yesterday and today it has an update?! OMG is good to see the developer having fun with his own game and updating it constantly, I`m from Brazil btw and u already have a new fan, continue with the hard work

Bro its just by corona virus when the virus is not gonna active we gonna be happy when we get one release/ month NO OFFENSE i like the game too just when public dont get update the game not gonna have bigger player base and who played with it that "player" gonna forget the game  if he or she played trough the full game few times and cant update it

Thanks AMSwitch, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm going to try to keep up weekly updates for the foreseeable :)

Everytime i download any of the latest updates, they have not worked. It always says app not installed when i try to install. Does anybody have any ideas to fix this?


To 4MinuteWarning,

Please don't let side content fall behind and become forgotten. While I fully understand the pitfalls of a side project of passions such as this all to often some games such as Fenoxo's end up with so much side content and quests that are never brought to fruition.

Currently there are a number of quests, Infernals (which you lose a captive too and get nothing for currently), the thieves from the Inquisitor heist, the torture chamber upgrade etc. either end with no payoff OR seem to have no function at all such as the torture room. 

Not to mention there are several captives that are.. a bit shallow atm with things to do with such as the Abbess and Couch (if you don't sacrifice her).  So far your work is great and I don't think you intend to 'forget' any of this. Just a reminder that some of us enjoy the journey more then getting to the end of the story quickly.

Also, just as a side query, is it ever going to be that the captives interaction animations will match their states. Such as the merchant if you take the cruel path is described as being nude but her model is still fully dressed.

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Don't worry, I won't leave threads hanging :) I've been keen to sketch out the 'skeleton' of the game as quickly as possible - because it gives folks an idea of what to expect, and because it helps guide writers who would like to flesh out those aspects of the game. More content is planned for all the threads you mention.

Once we have idle animations for all of our characters, we'll be doubling back to do ones that match their states. Animation is quite time consuming / expensive, but hopefully I'll be able to afford more as the fanbase grows.

i can't get past putting my name in. it won't let me continue no matter what i do. anyone have any advice about this?


This was a long-running issue with RenPy - it should be fixed as of last weekend's release (2.3.6), so try again now!


Thank you it works now. I'm looking forward to playing your game ❤


Bruh, how could you leave me in that Cliffhanger?


best video ever too xddd



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Great work great game, the voice  acting is great

i tried downloading update, but every time i do it says app not installed (im on android)




I downloaded the game 3 days ago. And. Now it has a update T-T 

Just my luck.

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4MinuteWarning you and developer team  is healty, in this corona virus crisis. In my country everyone gone mad.

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