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I got an error that says I ran out of memory. What should I do?

please more of sabetha and inej. Maybe a scene with then and the inquisitrix. Like when you emit that there's theives in the other room, she makes you rape them both as the other is forced to watch. Or if you make her your wifu and capture the sisters, making a scene where she forces them to rape eachother while still conscience of their actions.

Oh and an option to not spare djara from anal 😈




I completed the game and honestly...

You did a good job, I'm waiting for the next update 

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you have a nice game here, but, I think I broke it and forced it to crash. after making a save before going to the Mother. I sacrificed all available captives in-game to her. Just to see the scenes, as I have done so with Žižeryx. When I reloaded the save again to regain all I had sacrificed, it just crashed. ≧◠‿●‿◠≦ but with that said, will there be a option to liberate Heloise after giving her to Žižeryx and keep her as the succubus that she becomes? or is it undecided still ?

(edit: just wondering if you'll be introducing transformations by use of allying with the infernal and being allowed to keep the captive instead of losing the captive)

Eburon's consort scenes don't appear in the gallery

The version number hasn't been updated. While it seems like the version is up-to-date, it still reads as "4.0.4" on  the splash page when checking in the application.

Is there a persistent file or something similar to download in order to unlock all the gallery scenes?

not that I have seen but you can go into the gallery on chawe in the bottom right corner in a petruk sprit click that and accept his gift

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Running v4.2.1 PC The game played fine until I started the Attacks. Even with 16GB of ram I am getting frequent 'out of memory' crashes when I order an attack.


Well its the first time when i wanna donate to the game. Some bank acc stuff problems but eventually ima share dis piece of work with everyone i can. 

If u guys know summertime saga and its own site it has something like porgress bar so we can see when update coming.  Is there any possible way for us to check when new update coming? 

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nanana amigo, vi el tráiler y dije, ya esta, vamos a jugar xd

How get the corpse woman? I saw on trailer and a glimpses of it commonly be found a the endings. How to get the color black corpse woman that seems impregnated

you need to make the sunken temple your lair

Watch my youtube channel Life of Adonivich, I have all women except for the female corpse the impregnated female corpse.

And comment on what mistakes or things did I miss, I need knowledge about this game


please,continue  heloise plotline

very good game

great game you are you ever going to make a ravager sub Reddit i what the memes

I cant seem to begint the assault at all? Is that not ready for this build or am i missing something.


Just a quick question:  Will the Thief Sisters be consorts, and if so are they a set or do I have to choose just one or the other?

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Is there an option to have the naga and mother together to see how that plays out? XD imagine mother accepting Naga as a sacrifice. It could be interesting! Although I thought you could make naho a consort.

I found a bug. If you choose eburon as your consort and then try to do the final battle it won’t show the scene. I don’t know if it’s simply not ready yet, but I’m allied with the infernals.

 If I can be honest, it would be nice to have epilogue scenes with your consorts or such. But I think eburon should have more art or at least an epilogue for him if it’ possible.

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Just played in the dark fantasy mode until the beginning of the third arc, finally got some time to try to enjoy the game whilst taking my time doing so. 

So far, the story and voice acting thus far are good. During sex scenes, the VA is just so hot but the animation (Playing with the animated option) are a bit off, still hot but off. The movement doesn't really match the text often times, like the first scene with the handmaid, it was nowhere near her mouth when it said that it was nor was her eyes closed. 

Aside from those inconsistencies, the go back button feels like a bit too tempting and a cheat. It should be implemented or at the very least made to be a choice for at least the dark fantasy option to have like the Ironman Mode of other games. Decisions are final that way and you have to deal with it, or start again from the beginning. 

I've played the third act for a bit and also noticed the counter at the upper right or was it upper left? Anyway, somewhere at the upper corner of the screen, there's some counter of sorts it seems. I presume it's until the game forcibly pushes the playing forward to the next part of the story or so. Can't say I like it but I don't hate it as well, If it is that kind of counter or so, I think I'd prefer it to be removed instead. Making said event/s of said counter happen within a random margin after some days or weeks in-game as far as immersion goes anyway. As I think the narrative already subtly hints of the urgency to prepare your lair or so, I think this would fit better instead of that if ever.

In any case, good game and am excited for further updates. Haven't explored that much yet as I now try to do a proper role play (Currently as a Semi-Proud and aggressive but also cautious dragon) which greatly limits my option for as long as I can keep the rp going anyway. Thank you, take care, and keep up the good work. 

Edit: Almost forgot, the part with Issas was it? I think that was "his" name anyway. Perhaps it should be an option to whether or not well do you know what beyond outright eating or killing him. For me at the very least, it kinda messed up my role play. I presume that "he" is what "he" is saying "he" is so on that note, I have such feature turned off in the option. Unless "he" is actually a "she" then I think that's just wrong. And yeah, like when you try to get more information out the first time around, again, you should be able to choose whether or not to do it. 

As an aside, I went to the mountain and met that girl who wants to badly well do it and have that grand dream of hers. I think it would make sense to still have an option to kill her later on (not sure if this is actually a thing or not but I think it should be) even after taking her in. With the option being available depending on earlier choices like how it is a mechanic already. As for context, I was on the premise of just using her kept her around for convenience but do not want to submit to her so not being able to remove her or reduce her standing later puts the rp off for my tastes (Again, haven't gotten that far yet so who knows but if this is not a feature, it would be nice to consider it and the likes for future development) That's all for now. 

Can't choose Heloise as partner even after dreaming of her and malice. no option to 'talk' either.

With the 4.2 update, if I dream of Heloise, my game crashes instantly

Drop the details in the #bug-reports channel, on our Discord server (linked in the main menu of the game), and we'll find out what the problem is!

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I have never used discord

Just want to ask when you go romance route for Mina and you cum in her in the treasury she cool with it. But when you do her after and cum in her she gets really pissed. Really confusing which path is cannon?

Both are! Mina gets hot and bothered with all that gold around, but is a bit more sober normally.

I wish it progress from not wanting to get pregnant to after seeing the riches of the dragon  she becomes more accepting. Now every time they bang that her dialog is wanting to become queen or something.

How to turn Maelys into our captive?

If you want a guide, there's a walkthrough linked in the main game menu!

found it, thanks 😊

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Noticed this is update 4.2.0 and it was posted on 4/20 in the U.S, NICE

bout how many updates til we can make dragon-mothers and kobold-mothers out of the various available options

Loved the game- particularly acts 1, 2 and 3.  Wish there were more avenues to raising hordes moral / getting treasure in dark fantasy mode or maybe a mode in between where you start with a little more treasure.  I do like a game to have consequences but  my dragon is very covetous of his captives and the game almost forces you to give them up if you'd like to treat your captives well /  still be able to conquer the realm.

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I thought maybe you could get around the issue by raising Kobold moral to 3- but you just end up stuck not being able to gather more gold from them at that point since their gather gold interaction decreases their moral by 1 and it costs 1 gold to raise their moral up one.  

The walk-through regarding the solution was a little nebulous.

"Treasure (Gold! Gold!), which can be used to boost Morale and build in your lair (but will lower their morale)."

If you are playing dark fantasy, you will need to make a choice between conserving your treasure for conquest, or pillaging some territories, or sacrificing some waifus, or leaving some of the Realm unconquered. Which is four options. We'll also be adding some new approaches for conquest soon.

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Didn't realize leaving some of the realm unconquered was on the table - might need to do one final play-through to get it right then :P 

The choices about being nice to Mina after recruiting the bandits was rough.  You still get the delay of being hunted but  you don't go into A4 with them as horde.   The meta loss being not auto-conquering  Gutters Cove, and the more minor loss being losing the RP of just not having another horde.   Horde # doesn't seem to matter- only horde morale.

Witch is currently the easiest to give up of the lair faction characters- she has the least content.

I did make the mistake of building the bath - didn't hit any content relating to it in my play-through and avoiding gaining wounds is entirely too easy / there is rarely a reward for getting your character wounded.   [Gutter's cove you can get +1 Str if you are under 2, and fighting the Nalu you can get +1 if you are under 4]   Cannot remember specifically if you actually received wounds losing in those cases- but it felt like you should ;-p

You've made a fun game- Thanks for your work.   New conquest approaches sounds awesome ^_^.

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Hi, I tested it out and if you recruit the bandits at least the day before giving her the dress then you can have both Mina and the bandits. (I'm not sure if you have to have Mina as a prisoner first or not though.) 


Hey dev. Your games is grt tbh.

I just wanna ask that 

Is there any way through which the save file be transferred from one update to another. Actually its frustrating to play the whole game for every update.

And again no offense just plz dont stop developing this masterpiece. 

Love from India.😀


Thank you :) You should be able to conserve saves between updates, just drop your new folder over your existing one.


thank you very much sir

So how do you actually trigger the final fight? I've completed every other area of the map but now I'm just in this infinite loop of declaring an attack, picking my army, then sleeping.

I think there's a bug in android versions - we're investigating, and will get a fix out for the next update.

Also.. there's a bug when the dragon speaks with the demon with last option, and a bug when taking Naho to torturing chamber

Please drop the details on the #bug-reports channel of our Discord server (linked in the game's main menu) so we can find and fix them! 

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What's the name of the song that cooch sings "But only one girl who got t'be the wife. Who would'a thought that'd be the life"?

It was written for the purpose, by Cooch's voice actor. Adeline's song is also composed for the game, by Adeline's voice actress.

Al final, un problema menos y comienza uno nuevo

just want to ask how to trigger moonday party?

If you have the Goofy tag enabled, it will occur naturally towards the end of Act 3, or beginning of Act 4.

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is it a random event by any chance, or do I have to have some parts completed?

Thanks for the reply also really enjoy the game.  


Hello, the android version has a bug, when you conquer everything and only pale rock remains, the option to invade disappears


Love the new update!

Do you have a discord for me to join??


There is a link to the Discord server on the main menu of the game.

during the moonday party, the Naga child kept being refereed to as Malice, even though that's not the name i chose, is there a reason for that?  or is it a glitch

just want to ask how do i trigger moody party?


Thanks for the update just want to ask how to get to Mina's moonday preset?


I just wanted to let you know this is a fantastic game.  The characters are fleshed out and have great personalities, and the setting sates the dark fantasy crave in my soul.  That, and being a giant dragon is awesome.

I do have a question, though, when will Chanwe become a consort?  I've always wanted to marry a religious chick.


version 4.2.0 released on 4/20? Coincidence? Yeh, maybe I guess. Blaze it


haha funny number

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the catgirl sisters sabetha and inej are definitely the most awesome characters in the game, i love them, wish they had more content


Found an issue with Heloise. "Salaza" as I named the daughter, was born twice. It showed the scene two separate times. Once near the start of 4, and once after I had taken Bastion and rescued Cuchilla.

this happened to me to just once in a privet room and once in my room I think the bug might be tied into repeating after big events

Same, she gave birth at arc 2, then she gave birth again after I choose her as a consort

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