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if i already bought the game on steam do i have to buy it again to get the updates on mobile?

Is there any plan to put the PC version as a purchaseable option on Itch?  Tend to like to keep smut games on Itch over Steam, lol.  Also, if I do purchase this here (provided it becomes PC) is it good for all future versions?

Hello and good day, I would like to ask what is the best email to send inquiries about your game?

Thank you and have a great day.


The download page is only offering the android version. WTF

You can get it on Steam as well.

PC is steam exclusive for now

So I paid for it here, but I now have to join Steam to get the PC version? And what, pay again. Sounds like a scam to me.

Sounds more like you can't read to me since it says in the description that desktop is on steam and mobile itch

What does the  5.0.1 patched version give you 

Changelog is here:

Will 5.0 full be free soon?


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Coming back to this game after a while (last version I played was 2.x). What happened with the old character art style? The one that doesn't like a kids cartoon.

I remember it was said both art styles would be kept and supported.

It's Cumming Soon if I'm not mistaken

Why is it that when I buy the game only APK is avalable?


Because only the Android version is for sale on Itch.

Is it possible to still view the old art scenes?

Yes, they're archived in the 'Old' folder of the full game.

I'm confused why subscribe to him on Patreon if I have to. It the game anyway when it's complete even if it's not and waiting for updates so I have to pay to subscribe to him and then pay to buy the game also. When if I'm subscribed to him shouldn't I get the game free. But if I don't subscribe then I can just buy them game. This makes no sense. Someone explain please. I'm confused how this works.

A purchase is a permanent copy of the game. If you would rather pay once and never think about it again, go for it! SubscribeStar is an option if you would like to make a smaller payment to try it out, or to provide us with regular income with which to develop, or to get rewards like content previews and votes. Both help us, and I want to offer them both so people can make their own choices.

whats the difference between the purchasable game and the demo wich is free to downoad?

demo wont be updated anymore and wont continue the story? honestly the demo is huge if they did cut all progress to it i wouldnt complain

The demo contains all of Acts I-IV, and will continue to receive updates for those Acts. The full version also includes Act V.

I know this is a shot in the dark, but I feel I might know you from your younger days and have some of your earlier work (built in Director MX kind of old). Not sure of the best way to contact you privately?

You may well do! Send me a PM on Discord (server linked in the game's main menu).


Do you guys plan to add paypal as mode of payment in itcho?

We do not; Itch only accepts one processor at a time, and PayPal is notoriously unfriendly to adult games sellers.

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Corrupted kingdoms, eternum and MIST (just to name a few so you can see for yourself if you want to) have both options for payment here. So itch appearently can accept it

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Hey i got the demo to check if it would work on android and it closes out after a few seconds can you fix it?

The only way to do that would be to probably improve Renpy

I'm afraid that's a limitation of the RenPy framework - it won't work on all devices. Using a modern device and making sure you have enough spare memory is the best way to maximise compatibility.

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Well i tried to buy on itcho but my debit card is not acceptable and i also tried  to subscribe but it show that maestro card not accept. Do you take Amazon gift card ? I have bought steam version but want android version.

I'm sorry you're having problems with purchases, but I'm afraid I can't process payments personally.


Is there any difference if I buy the game on steam or I feel like I should buy it already since I've been checking every now and then for updates since 4.2.3, I think, and this game is 100% worth it haha. 


Buying on just gives the android app, not the desktop version, as I realized just after I bought it here. Oops. Apparently there are noncompetition reasons not to have a desktop version available on both Steam and Itch, which is very unfortunate.

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(spoiler below)
I transformed the wolf girl into a dragon and well... Let's say I have a crush for scientists, specially when the said scientist work for me and is want to do thing otherwise considered immoral.
(spoiler ends)

Anyway, nice game! A solid 9/10. The art style in the scenes don't match the characters in their portraits, but the game history is still great and the art is pretty good too. Oh, and the voice acting... Simply perfect (well, there are some things that I would change or put some more feelings into, like some of the fangirl voice lines, but most of them are surprisingly good.

oh, is there a public discord server for the game's team?

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Yes, it's linked in the main menu of the game!

If a buy android version from itcho,then all upcoming update for Android will be free or do i have to pay every update?

You'll get access to all updates as they arrive :) 




How ironic that your username is mid too


How are you meant to reach act 5? I've progressed the game how you normally would up until the siege on the city and afterwards the game just ends like before. My gallery has locked scenes for supposed act 5 content so i have the right version


You have to pay to continue onto act V.  If you haven't purchased the game on Steam, bought a code on Subscribestar, or purchased the Android version here on Itch, you cannot continue.


Good day to you.

I'm just here to drop off a bug, a visual one. If you focus on Naho(Wolf-girl) story, around the time when she tells you that her hands are not enough, if you offer the goblins(my only option) seemingly the rest of the game, her picture stays in the cum-stained picture.

Honestly, no idea if that was intentional, to me, it seemed like it wasn't, so I'm here reporting it.

its only showing you get the android files for the 15$

That's correct - desktop versions are available on Steam, Android versions via Itch. Both are available via SubscribeStar.

i have family on steam and i would rather them not see this game, some even use my account from time to time, will it ever be put here for windows? i would love to buy it but i just cant on steam

You can create a second account for H-games on Steam (Valve doesn't mind!). We do plan to publish on Itch eventually, but there are some technical and legal hurdles to sort out first, so it might take a while.

You can hide steam games from in your library bro

thank you for the clarification i eagerly await the day we can purchase the desktop on itch.


Found a small bug.  If you go to Mina and she tells you about the plan, you can't go back to  Gutter's Cove even if you turned her down.  

Thanks - could you let us know in #bug-reports on our Discord server (linked in the game's main menu) so we can track and fix the bug? 

I have the 4.4.2 version, but it all of a sudden stopped working. Why is this happening?

Nothing on our side, I'm afraid! But if you update to the v501 demo, it contains everything v442 does and more. Does that solve the problem?

well, not exactly since I bought the android version but nothing happened. I kind of gave up on that though so don't worry about it. I have a card that has a tendency to charge for every other purchase without actually giving me what I have purchased. Not only that, but I can't get my money back since money can't be added to the card after I get it. 


Are you considering adding new girls to the game in Act V? I know there are already plenty and it would mean a lot of work for your team, but I think it would be nice to get 1-2 new ones. 


Very good idea! I would like to see a female knight!!! It's a classic! Strong Woman Knight and Dragon!


We have no plans to expand our cast until after the main plotline has finished, lest we make our most important work even harder for ourselves. But then we'll have freedom to do as we please :)

At what tier on subscribestar can i get the full android version? I tried purchasing on itch but i don't think I can from my country

$5 and up!


Its not free now sadge 😔

so how much gameplay or like what can you do in act 5?

Not much for now apparently


Well so far so Infernal


The biggest thing i want, besides fully taing Dog girl (forget her name as i renamed her) is OUTFITS. It started with the desire to make Issa wear girl clothes, but others would be better. Im well aware the effort this would take, and i know im asking alot, but it would perfect the game in my eyes.

that being said, you have an image for the game and certainly shouldnt alter it for one person, just somehting to consider, il love the game either way. 

Thank you

So i have the demo game and everyone is saying it includes Act 1-4 but I cant get past act 3? The thing in the top right gets down to 0 then the assassin lady comes to my lair and kills me.. i even made sure to have extra high charm on a playthrough but she still executes me.

Am I doing something wrong? I feel like I've exhausted all of my options lol

I wanna buy act 5 but I am still trying to get to act 4 on the free version... I am on android btw!


Act III asks you to build your forces. If you haven't done that (or weakened the huntress somehow), you won't survive it. There's a walkthrough linked in the game's main menu if you get stuck. 

I cant buy the game because im living in germany ist there another  way to get a steam Key for the game?

You can:

1. Have someone else gift you a copy

2. Support us on SubStar at $20 for one month to get a complimentary Steam key

3. Help with translation and get backer access that easy

Ok i would like to help you with translation

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if I buy this version will I be required to buy the subsequent updates?

No, you'll get access to all updates as they arrive :) Same thing with Steam and desktop builds!


Thank’ya kindly, good sir!


Really enjoing replaying this after all the updates been following the project since the start of act 2. I was wondering if we will see a bit more interaction with some of the side characters in upcoming versions. I rather enjoyed the spunky red head, Enid. Would like to see a bit more with her. Along with the Nun and Maid girl. All of them peaked my interest as there could definitely have real meaningful stories. Like with the Maid girl what if the dragon came back for her and not the princess, to make the girl that he first meet/lusted with be his consort or a personal maid. The Nun I liked her art style and would have been a yummy treat in more than one sence of the word. Lastly Enid, you can make that commitment to her when you see her the second time. Why not follow that route further.

Overall this game is a gem.

Voice acting: 10/10 For what is there, you get a true treat and see these characters come to life.

Story writing: 10/10 The different routes the story can take will have you replaying this game many times.

Art/Music:10/10 Each scene is hand crafted and you can see the artist took great care and pride in what they were doing.

Coding: 10/10 I have never had this game crash on me once. No broken scences great job.

Things I would like to see in the future.

Expansion on minor characters.

A bit more freedom like in act 3 and 4.

I happily support this game in both mobile and PC versions. 

Cheers for the whole team.


Thank you so much! And you're in luck - more content is planned for Chia, Enid, and Rain in the near future.


Thats fantastic to hear. I look forward to seeing more of what your team has to offer in the coming updates. 

I did notice quite a bit less voice acting in act 5. Is that just becuase your team has not yet recorded the interactions as of yet, or are you guys waiting till your complete with act 5 and then going back to voice stuff. I'm just curious as to how you plan that out with your voice actors. ^.^ 

Again cheers to your great team for all the hard work you all do to bring a very unique story together for us. 

It is new content, so it all needs scripting, recording, processing, and integration! We have the first batch (Adeline, Cooch, and some other trimmings) in the first release, more is being processed now :)

I completed all 3 sermons with Chanwe and now I can't talk to her. I am now on act 4 and still can't speak to her. I was hoping to gain the Proteans after finishing her sermons but that doesn't seem possible now. Do I have to restart to gain the Proteans?

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I'm afraid we don't have interactions for Chanwe in Act IV if she has been converted, sorry. They'll be coming soon! In the meantime, you may have to restart if you also want to get the Proteans out of her.


Sounds good. I went ahead and restarted and am almost back to act 4 again.


I'm super excited to get the full version of the game.  I'll be buying it next paycheck!

when i buy the 15 dollar version on itch is it equvalent to the subscribestar and steam one?


Yes, but for Android!

so the pc verswion is the same but the android isnt

Do I really have to pay for this download because I have downloaded this game previously for free

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You do not - the 'demo' version contains everything in the previous builds, and more. Act V is not free, because the game is not free to create, and I want to finish it!

This may be a dumb question but if i pay the $15 do i have to repay every time there is an update?


Dont worry its not dumb.

As long as you keep your account you will be able to down loud the latest version of any purchase you make


I was a little confused as well. Go to your library and clicked on ravager from there, it will take you to your paid download which will be the latest version.

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Will the desktop version ever be added to itch? I want to make a one-time purchase of $15 rather than recurring smaller payments, but I also have family members on my steam and don't want them seeing me playing this game lol.

Edit: If it will be added someday but just isn't in right now, that's fine too, just trying to figure out if itch is intended to be mobile-only forever, or just for now.


Create a new steam account and you should be moving discreet.


Creating an entirely new account for ONE single game and having to swap back and forth constantly isn't a very appealing prospect. I'm happy to buy the game, but not to create a whole new account for it.


I mean, you could create one just for games you want to keep on the DL, discreetly? Not perfect, but given the options, it's at least a good one.


It's not really a good one for me personally when Steam is my primary method of communication for some of my friends and family. Switching accounts any time I want to play one singular game, and thus losing the ability to communicate with said friends and family for the duration, just isn't practical.


Understood. In that case, please forget I suggested it; better not to stress yourself over something that would, as you've mentioned, have a more limited use for how much effort it would take to use it.


Steam will be our preferred platform for PC sales for a while yet - we'd like to come to Itch eventually, but there are some technical and legal tangles to sort out first.


Thank you for the communication! :) As long as there's intent eventually, that's good enough for me. ♥

You can always hide your steam games

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