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I downloaded the game 3 days ago. And. Now it has a update T-T 

Just my luck.

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4MinuteWarning you and developer team  is healty, in this corona virus crisis. In my country everyone gone mad.

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I might regret this but why exactly do you, and I quote, "hate paying sites"?

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I'm.... confused.

Patreon support is literally that, a support (The one who made the patreon can do whatever they see fit, as long it is a fair reward). Pornhub Premium offers exclusive videos as far as I know.

What's wrong with that?

 Just delete the post if you cant get it what did i said....

Xdd you cant do something better than to look after me xdddd

So from now every update what gonna comes out patreons get first and we need wait 2 week

Patrons get access to interim builds, so they can preview new content as it's developed, and help me find bugs. As soon as a version is completed and bugswept, I turn it into a public release. 

Dear developer when we get the public release last release was 4 months ago so i guess we want to know what you guys maked in this months :)

I had to go on hiatus for a couple of months, but there will be a public release in the first half of April :)

Where patreons get the versions?

On the Patreon Discord! 


Read the comments and was estatic.  This is such a great game.and I was so happy it wasn't being abandoned.

Hi! What's up with this game development? I hope new version will be relased soon... or at least can we have some news? Thanks ^^

Hi! I had to go on hiatus for a couple of months while I sorted out some IRL crises, but I'm back and working on the game. Patrons got a release last month, and will get another one today. I'm hoping to be ready for another public release in the first half of April!

Thanks for the answer :) What's new in the recent patreon's relases?


I'm trying to develop my own visual novel game, but I'm having some issues with  trying to create a global variable for a screen that would have status bars. Does anyone know who I can ask for help with this issue? I tried going to the Renpy website, but couldn't find anything there to help me out. 


god its been a while since the last update. Please tell me this is still being developed, it cant just be abandoned, i cant be left on such a cliff hanger. Where is version 1.4


Soon. Dev had a lot of IRL issues happen at once, he returned about two weeks ago, there will be a (small?) update not too far in the future, its already been available for patrons as of a week ago


Ok thank god, i got scared my favorite visual novel was just gonna stop updating

define soon? as you said this about a month ago.


They have a discord and a patreon you can look at for dev updates, namely the public post on patreon from March 21st will give you an idea of around when the next bit of content is to be arriving


is this game still being worked on just curious as it is the best one i have found in a long time that seems to tick a lot of the boxes i look for. thank you for your time if and when you respond. 

Yes dev just had IRL issues, they are back now though.


oh I hope he is okay and life isn't to rough on him.

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I LOVE THIS GAME. Best adult visual novel in existance. 10/10 have played multiple times. I have 2 quick questions: 1. Do you have any idea when the next update will be ready and 2. How can i help? I'm not the best writer, or drawer, and i do not have money, BUT I REALLY WANT TO CONTRIBUTE


Hello hello how is the game going its the best adult game what I ever played I hope you gonna be continue it :33


i love this game and hope it could be perfect in the future.


Is there any way to play on chromebook? I have turned on chrome OS mode, and still with all downloads i cant figure out how to play.


gotta say i needed this game and hope it gets more content in the future. i love playing dragons and this lets you be as brutal or majestic as you want lol. 

Run into a couple of bugs.

#1:  When you go to meet with the mercenary captain, an exception comes up.

#2:  The abbess appears among the kobold horde after you had sacrificed her to the Old Ones.  She was gifted to the kobolds prior.

#3:  After having some fun with the Inquisitrix, the time indicator disappears.  Events make it reappear.

Feedback on gameplay:    I find myself constantly reloading.  This is because there are various locations in the world that still drain time, even when they don't offer any content or bonuses.  It would be preferable if they weren't available after being exhausted, or didn't require time.

Time loss is also inconsistent.  Some prisoners or locations take time, others don't.

Having a number by locations to indicate how much time is required would be helpful for making informed choices.   For variable time allotments, something like  "1-3", could be used to show that it is dependent on player choices how much time is consumed. 

Picking a lair is a bit difficult, because the benefits of one over another isn't clear.

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I use Android and it's not working, I downloaded it and I open it and it says could not extract private data

Any suggestions?

Downloading the apk from another browser might help.


I kinda hope that at some point we’ll be able to disguise ourselves as a human or other beings by using the witch or learning spells and using illusions or actually being able to transform using that. And I’m kinda hoping for more character customization. Otherwise, I am loving this.

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I don't see the custumization happening anytime soon as even picking scale color would require art assets for each color and or some way to add the colors and it not look cheezy.  who knows he might once he gets enough funding but art is expensive af. 

as for the human part idk maybe a draconic looking humanoid form for stealth but i dont want a full human transformation. i like how as several characters in game put it how primal and semi beast like the dragon is.  i enjoy that part of it a lot and sometimes when characters get too much human work they turn to human and it kinda kills it for me.

this is just all my opinion on this. not making statements for anyone. but thats how i feel about it. 

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Happy New Year 4MinuteWarning and everyone!

This is one of the best in its genre honestly. Everytime i see its updated i get genuinely excited to see whats been added.

same i can't wait for the next part to be added hopefully we get to a part where we can do random events in the world and not be on such a big cut off timer.  maybe still have attacks but not just end it. maybe make each attack take longer and longer after a while to show the fear  of your strength and how many people have fallen to the dragon. 

I'm thoroughly impressed.  I didn't expect anywhere close to this level of interactivity or consequence in the storyline and gameplay to this game.  Very very well done.  

I really wasn't expecting much when i was downloading this, but oh boy did i get a pleasant surprise. It's amazing, writing is good, VA is pretty good as well, except the male ones. Sadly they can't even compare to the female VA's.
I will be waiting in anticipation for chapter 3
A little suggestion if you will, maybe later in the game have ability to morph into human or other creature, and something like treasure hunting side activities, something more... open. So far it feels a bit linear.. maybe adding dungeons, treasure hunting, raiding, maybe some minigames.
I understand that the game is very early in development, but i see a great deal of potentia in it, and i wish to see that potential fulfilled.
Still, amazing job. I'll be looking forward for future updates.

This post may contains spoilers. If you haven't explored much, you may not have encountered this part of the game. This comment is to address a possible bug with a choice at some point in the game, and is intended for the developer. Please keep that in mind if you continue reading.





Both of these result in the exact same response. If this was intentional; after the user clicks the "what just happened" option, you should have some text immediately after the player voices "No." that explains why they chose that answer instead of what the user had actually clicked. Otherwise, it looks like the second button leads to the wrong path, and thus seems like there's an entire route that's been blocked off.

I get it can misunderstood but the whole point is that your being influenced by her magic or something

Yes, but it was confusing to click one option and then have the other happen with no context given. Rolled back a few times cause I couldn't tell if I picked the wrong option, if the paths were assigned to the wrong options, et cetera. So I figured I mention it.

It's fine as is… but it breaks the immersion when the player is confused and the character is not.

I'd have put "you are compelled to agree with your hostess" when they choose the 'wrong' option; or not even bother with a choice at all, giving only one option to match the reality that there is only one outcome.

But, again, how it is currently works, for you. If I'm the only one jarred by the disconnect, chances are it's not a problem to your audience as a whole.

I vocalize my own experience, but that doesn't mean most players will feel the same.

But thank you for taking the time to read and reply. Enjoy your day.


And I just noticed you're not the dev…

if you sex up enough girls you can overpower her mind bs and have some good scenes later because of it. 

I've no idea how you can do that, since I don't know the different routes. I only encountered five fuckable women before this scene, six, technically, but two were part of the same event.

Thx my friend

This happened after choosing glory.

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This post contains spoilers. If you haven't explored much, you may not have encountered this part of the game. This comment is to address some inconsistances with a certain scene at a certain location, and is intended for the developer. Please keep that in mind if you continue reading.




The descriptions says "white-haired" but the portrait shows clearly brown hair.

Additionaly, the CG shows some blue braids, some coloured fethers, and long hair. The portrait of the character in the CG has short hair with no blue braids, and no feathers.
I also don't think she has shoulder guards in her portrait, or whatever is on her back in the CG, however, the scen describes me removing silk under her initial robe, so that may be under her clothes. I figured I mention it anyway since it wasn't mentioned in the attack scent, and in case that wasn't the plan.

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One thing the dev did was make any placeholder pics blurry. Also, it says placeholder in the upper left. Not all art is completed yet.

I cannot install the tablet version of Ravager for some reason... I'm using a Samsung galaxy tab s6 (it says "app not installed")

Hey, sorry if this is a dumb question/explained in the game and I just missed it, but what does the number at the top right counting down represent?


It's the number of days remaining to find a lair (in Chapter 2) or before the huntress finds you (in Chapter 3)!


Wow! I was wondering the same thing. I missed were it was written...


Thank you, I kinda figured it out by purposefully letting it tick down, luckily I had a save from earlier so I was able to go back and properly enjoy my time.


when the time is up you duied or end of chapter 

So is there like a quota for updates like monthly? Or is it just random times whenever u get the content for the update done? Just wondering. Didnt want to come off as anything other than curious

I've tried a few different methods! These days I do a Patreon build at least once a month, and a public release every time I have a version how I like it.

Deleted 119 days ago

Thx for update



Cool game and all, but what happened to not have an itch app compatible version?

Sorry, could you rephrase your question?


Sorry, it was 4am when I made that comment.

The game is actually awesome, but I'm bummed there isn't an itch app compatible version available (AKA not available to download through the itch app on desktop), even though it was available on older versions. What happened?

Ah! That makes sense :) I don't know why it's not working on the desktop itch app, but I'll give it a look when I upload the next version.


Cool beans!


He want to open it in app like a browse games


I guess in itch app had an update and in update maked a bug 

Or just add some links compatible with new update

Any news from update?

Next update will be towards the end of this month!


Thanks mate

Hi! I like a lot how the story evolves! Are there some news for the next chapter?

2.2 is dropping for Patrons toward the end of this month, and for everyone else next month. There's a lot more stuff to be added to Chapter 3 before I move stuff forwards, but Chapter 4 is in the works!


Thanks a lot! :)

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Troubleshooting info for android keyboard error.

Problem:  when entering your name, the done button is replaced with the return key, and the done button is required to continue the narrative.

Workaround 1:  on a fresh install for the first time on your device, open the game while holding the device in landscape.  Once the problem happens it will remain broken even if you reinstall.

Workaround 2:  if the problem already happened for you, i fixed it by clicking the settings button on the keyboard while in landscape mode, keyboard layout, keyboard layout, then once you see the screen where you can adjust the size of the keyboard, switch back to ravager.

Possible fix:  Change progession from "done" on the keyboard to a "next" or "continue" button in the interface.  This will both make it easier to review the name entered for typos as well as avoid a buggy interaction with the keyboard.

Hope this helps both players & development

Hey I just downloaded the newest version for my galaxy 7 and I can't get past naming my character. I have pressed the return button and that didnt work and neither does pressing the new line button on the keyboard. What am I doing wrong?

i think you will have too give him a name first and then press enter

That's the issue. Hitting enter doesn't work.

It's an Android platform problem, I'm afraid!

1. disable screen lock and then rotate your phone so you get the larger keyboard. If that doesn't work : 

2. download a third party keyboard app. If that doesn't work: 

3. try playing on a different platform

Well that's sad. Do you plan on fixing this in future updates?

I can't, I'm afraid, it's an Android issue.

Switch keyboard in android settings fixes this issue. 

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Hitting the settings button on the keyboard then switching back to ravager fixed it for me

Edit: settings button, keyboard layout, keyboard layout.  Once you see the screen that adjusts the keyboard, switching back fixes the ravager keyboard

this game is coming along amazingly,
i just went to take  look at the game files and saw some awsome stuff that i cant wait for to happen in game,one litle question tho, may i know in which file the stat codes are located in, since i too want to expand the walkthrough.


Great Game! i had an older version and i went through all different routs. it was all put together very well. cant wait to see how far through story this game will go.

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