Version 2.5.4, Virility & Variety

Dev Notes

  • This week has mostly been busy with Act IV, but that doesn’t mean you’re about to come away empty-handed. This build features a variety of touchups, improvements, and variations for our existing art, as well as new audio and bugfixes.
  • This version will be the last in this branch. I’m closing the bunker door and getting ready for the big release of version 4.0. See you on the other side.


  • Special: A Q&A session with our characters at the end of the game (collab with Var).
  • Art: Chanwe on top, improved consistency (Lubbio).
  • Art: Infernal entertainment, improved consistency (Lubbio).
  • Art: Marie-Anne’s service, improved consistency (Lubbio).
  • Art: Marie-Anne’s service, lair variant (Lubbio).
  • Art: Marie-Anne’s service, separate withdrawal image (Lubbio).
  • Art: Marie-Anne’s dream, improved consistency (Lubbio).
  • Art: Marie-Anne’s dream, separate climax image (Lubbio).
  • Art: Heloise’s silver tongue, pregnant variant (Lubbio).
  • Art: Naho’s reminder, improved consistency (Lubbio).
  • Art: Naho’s reminder, lair variant (Lubbio).
  • Art: Naho’s submission, improved consistency (Lubbio).
  • Art: Naho’s submission, lair variant (Lubbio).
  • Art: Extra sauce for many of the the scenes above (Lubbio).
  • Voice: Zizeryx’s introduction (Jezebeth).


  • Issa’s art will display if you choose to punish him personally.


  • Taking an injury will no longer cause an error. One of these days I’ll manage to implement a new mechanic without breaking it, but it is not this day.
  • Breaker’s side image will not obscure his name.
  • Kobold minions’ side portraits will appear correctly.
  • Corrected a couple of incorrect emote references.
  • Failing to convince Mina in your initial encounter will only give you one point of Charm.
  • Naho’s heat scene will give you Potency if it is your first time sleeping with her.
  • Chanwe’s silhouette is more appropriately shaped in her mercs fate scene.
  • Assorted text and stage direction improvements.
  • And everything found during playtesting (thanks GrayRaven!).


Ravager 2.5.4 PC 601 MB
Jul 16, 2020
Ravager 2.5.4 Linux 583 MB
Jul 16, 2020
Ravager 2.5.4 for Mac 584 MB
Jul 16, 2020
Ravager 2.5.4 for Mobile 591 MB
Jul 16, 2020
Ravager 2.5.4 for Tablet 592 MB
Jul 16, 2020

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4.0 ehh? I'm assuming you skipped 3. 0 for a reason..

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cg_wolfgirl_anal_lubbio_climax_b.jpg couldn't be found

Thanks, I'll fix in the next update!

Wait 4.0? Not 3.0? There's a big jump?

I address this question in the developer interview at the end of the current version :)