Version 4.3.0, Rivalry & Royalty

Dev Notes

  • It’s here! The first of our builds to be twinned with Steam, and what a build it is.
  • This version includes all new content for Act I and Act IV. If you want to continue the story further, you can do so by supporting us on Patreon, SubscribeStar, or Steam.
  • It is impossible to pick out an MVP for this version. The whole team, from writers to artists to coders to playtesters, has gone above and beyond to get it ready in time. My thanks to each and every one of them.


  • Consort: Sabetha & Inej can be chosen as consorts (collab with Garoompahfah).
  • Scene: Sabetha & Inej apply their talents together (collab with Garoompahfah).
  • Scene: Valzira’s captive interactions are now no-holes-barred (collab with Mattrex).
  • Scene: Valzira can be double-dipped (collab with Mattrex).
  • Scene: Valzira welcomes Malice into the world (collab with Mattrex).
  • Dynamic: Sabetha is restless in the morning (collab with Garoompahfah).
  • Dynamic: Sabetha and Inej want to know your favourite (collab with Garoompahfah).
  • Dynamic: Sabetha and Inej are in a cuddly mood (collab with Garoompahfah).
  • Dynamic: Sabetha and Inej are not where you expect them (collab with Garoompahfah).
  • Dynamic: Sabetha and Inej are still not where you expect them (collab with Garoompahfah).
  • Dynamic: Sabetha and Inej know how to help you relax (collab with Garoompahfah).
  • Dynamic: Sabetha and Inej give you an unconventional farewell (collab with Garoompahfah).
  • Dynamic: Valzira informs you of the consequences of your actions (collab with Mattrex).
  • Dynamic: Valzira attempts to take care of her child (collab with Mattrex).
  • Dynamic: Malice has opinions about how you treat her mother(s) (two variants, collab with Mattrex).
  • Dynamic: Malagar is preparing for a very important experiment (collab with Mattrex).
  • Dynamic: Mina will respond properly to the mercs’ presence if she’s recruited after them.
  • Art: Enid’s brood mother scene (Lubbio).
  • Art: Cooch’s wolf tribe fate (Lubbio).
  • Art: Captive character art for Adeline (Irrelevant Art).
  • Art: Updated nude character art for Adeline (Irrelevant Art).
  • Art: Updated nude and broken character art for Chanwe (Irrelevant Art).
  • Art: Updated character art for Rhyll (Irrelevant Art).
  • Art: Nude character art for Sabetha (Irrelevant Art).
  • Art: New emotes for Adeline (Irrelevant Art).
  • Art: New emotes for Inej (Irrelevant Art).
  • Art: New emotes for Rhyll (Irrelevant Art).
  • Art: Messy and nude emotes for Sabetha (Irrelevant Art).
  • Art: Sleeping emotes for Sabetha & Inej (Irrelevant Art).
  • Art: A revised captive emote for Valzira (Irrelevant Art).
  • Animation: Nude idles for Adeline (Amon Ra).
  • Animation: Captive idles for Adeline (Amon Ra).
  • Animation: Nude idles for Mina (Amon Ra).
  • Animation: Pregnant idles for Valzira (Amon Ra).
  • Animation: Idles for the kobold guards (Amon Ra).
  • Voice: Inej’s part in eavesdropping, the reoffer, and the backdoor break-in (Gruella).
  • Voice: Malice’s reveal with Heloise (Sunset Sofia).
  • Voice: Rhyll’s arrival, commentary on morale, response to gifts, and part in fates (Greyscale).
  • UI: New program icons have been added for all formats.
  • System: Achievements have been added to the Steam version of the game (Tosk).


  • Brood Mother, Consummation, Right Of Conquest, and Hair Of The Dog have been added to the Gallery.
  • The option to unlock all scenes in the gallery is more clearly indicated.
  • Adeline will be dressed differently when you are first reunited with one another.
  • Young Malice’s interaction with the kobolds can be triggered by visiting them.
  • Malice’s scenes reflect her parentage.
  • Marie-Anne’s interaction with Valzira plays slightly differently if Val is pregnant.
  • Getting shot by Mina’s crossbow causes a wound.
  • Some laborious back-end improvements to how Mina’s wardrobe is managed.
  • Mina’s existing animated idles have been resized for consistency.
  • Sabetha & Inej’s quarantine message will no longer play on first boot-up. It can still be accessed via the Gallery.
  • Sabetha & Inej’s audio should flow more smoothly if clicking or skipping through.
  • Valzira’s scenes have been tweaked based on their context.
  • The RenPy framework has been updated to 7.4.8, to prevent it from exploding when handling Steam achievements. Hopefully it doesn’t explode in other ways.


  • Attacking the convent will no longer cost Morale if you are in Power Fantasy mode.
  • You cannot visit Cooch at Gutter’s Cove if she already arrived with the mercs.
  • Fixes to the appearance of Darja’s princess idles.
  • Enid’s Brood Mother replay no longer allows you to escape into the broader game.
  • Heloise’s dream appearance is independent of her physical state.
  • Malice’s name remains stable during the Moonday event.
  • Mina’s birthday present art shows more consistently during the Moonday event.
  • Mina’s cartback interactions take note of her state of dress.
  • Mina’s interaction at Gutter’s Cove can only be seen once.
  • Mina’s outdoor forceful scene will no longer reference an imaginary mattress.
  • Mina’s wardrobe will reflect her current status at the beginning of the posh dress scene.
  • Prolific corrections and improvements to spelling, grammar, and stage direction.
  • ...and the dozens if not hundreds of bugs we found during playtesting. Thank you to our elite team of playtesters, you’re amazing.


Ravager Demo 4.3.0 for PC 402 MB
Sep 03, 2021
Ravager Demo 4.3.0 for Linux 361 MB
Sep 03, 2021
Ravager Demo 4.3.0 for Mac 367 MB
Sep 03, 2021
Ravager Demo 4.3.0 for Android 380 MB
Sep 03, 2021

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definitely want more issa and more femboys

(2 edits) (+1)

Since I finished the game and im apprently a blind motherfucker that can't see can someone tell me where in the fk is that kobold? Since I search the hole gallery and didn't find shit.


How come you can only fuck issa once and the only way to fuck him again is by punishing him if anything I thought there would be a route to make him kinda like your sex slave or maybe consort or something

I am also looking forward to Issa's content being expanded on eventually.


I agree


The second I sit down I get this??

Thank you


is this version the same as the steam one?


omg I was just thinking about when the new stuff will be out


So just 20 minutes ago, out of nowhere I thought to myself "dude, I really want to play Ravager again, it's been a long time!", I look it up, and see that you guys posted the newest version 20 minutes ago!!! If that isn't the universe telling me it's time to conquer a bunch of wenches and build an army fit for the Gods, I don't know what is! Can't wait to see what new content you guys came up with <3