Version 4.3.13, Mongrels & Monstrosities

EDIT 22/07/22: Rebuilt and reuploaded to fix a rogue typo in the code. Sorry for the trouble!

Dev Notes

  • The second phase of Act V playtesting has completed successfully. We are getting close to where we want to be - if this continues, you can expect an estimated release date for v500 in the near future.
  • Congratulations to HereToHelp, our newest writer! HereToHelp will be assisting us by filling out some long-overlooked game options, before joining the Act V war effort.
  • And Korwu has joined us as a scene artist! Korwu will be picking up some of our fate scenes, so that Lubbio can concentrate more fully on upcoming work.
  • MVP of this build is Jezebeth! After being narrowly beaten out last month, she has delivered another huge tranche of recordings. I hope you enjoy them.


  • Fate: A followup to Sabetha & Inej’s wolfman fate (collab with HereToHelp and DoItToJulia).
  • Fate: A followup to Naho’s infernal fate (collab with DoItToJulia and Null).
  • Dynamic: A followup to Malagar’s experiment on Naho, revealing a second remarkable curiosity (Dreamweaver choice, collab with Mattrex).
  • Dynamic: Mina’s appearance at the bathhouse (collab with HereToHelp and DoItToJulia).
  • Dynamic: An option to kill Mina during forcible capture (two variants, collab with HereToHelp and DoItToJulia).
  • Dynamic: An option to kill Naho on repeat return to the lowlands (collab with HereToHelp and DoItToJulia).
  • Dynamic: An option to kill the patrolling guard while stowing away on the ship (collab with HereToHelp and DoItToJulia).
  • Dynamic: An option to recruit the wolfmen after having killed Naho.
  • Art: The huntress strikes (Undoodle).
  • Art: Additional images for Chanwe’s anal scenes (three images, Lubbio).
  • Art: Darja’s vaginal scenes, remastered (Lubbio).
  • Art: Darja’s vaginal scenes, nude variant (Lubbio).
  • Art: Naho’s kobold fate (Korwu).
  • Animation: Animated idles for Mina, dress variant (Amon Ra).
  • Animation: Animated idles for Mina, torn dress variant (Amon Ra).
  • Animation: Nonplussed and exhausted idles for Mina (Amon Ra).
  • Animation: Animated idles for the guards (three variants, Amon Ra).
  • Animation: Animated idles for the drakesgard (two variants, Amon Ra).
  • Animation: Animated idles for the drakesgard captain (Amon Ra).
  • Animation: Animated idles for the drakesgard commander (Amon Ra).
  • Voice: The beginning of Chanwe’s protean rapture (Midnight Iris).
  • Voice: Chanwe’s first theology lesson (Midnight Iris).
  • Voice: Chanwe’s second theology lesson (Midnight Iris).
  • Voice: Darja’s drinks with Cooch, foreplay (two variants, Nyah).
  • Voice: Heloise’s repeatable consort anal scene (Lord Gush).
  • Voice: Heloise’s repeatable consort oral scene (Lord Gush).
  • Voice: Heloise’s wolfmen fate (Lord Gush).
  • Voice: Valzira’s attempt to lake care of her daughter (Jezebeth).
  • Voice: Valzira’s birth scene (Jezebeth).
  • Voice: Valzira’s visit from Cooch (Jezebeth).
  • Voice: Valzira’s visit from Issa (Jezebeth).
  • Voice: Valzira’s part in the Infernal conquest of the swamplands (Jezebeth).
  • Voice: Zizeryx’s part in the conquest of Coldreach (Jezebeth).
  • Voice: Zizeryx’s part in the conquest of the farmlands (Jezebeth).
  • Voice: Zizeryx’s part in the conquest of the Frigid Order (Jezebeth).
  • Voice: Zizeryx’s part in the conquest of the swamp (Jezebeth).
  • UI: Separated choice menus have been replaced by ones with scrollbars (Tosk).


  • We have migrated to RenPy v8. This removes 32-bit support, but I don't think anyone still uses 32-bit. Do they?
  • If you are playing a translated version, the game’s UI will use a font that supports special characters.
  • Tooltips for content flags have been updated to be more accurately descriptive.
  • Mina will not talk about craving a proper bath if she’s already had one.
  • Steam only: Our promotional images have been updated to use modern character art.
  • Steam only: ‘Dracogenesis’ has been added as an achievement.
  • Game credits have been updated.


  • The Drakesgard commander no longer malingers after his cue to exit the stage.
  • Heloïse is more consistently umlauted.
  • Naho’s animated scenes will only display as animated if you’ve asked them to.


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i noticed it's been a while since the last update. is everything alright?

Is it possible to give the dragon a queen of the dragon family.

ps. It is very troublesome to read without Chinese

will the game have an end "and they lived happily ever after and fucked every day"? or will it be something like "now a free game is available to you and you can travel around your kingdom and fuck with new and old characters"?

Man, Naho can't catch a break can she...?

I'm surprised there isn't a IDGF option during  interactions with the cast.It certainly would be entertaining 

There are several problems with the Spanish version, which changes the language to English in some scenes

PD: I love You Google Traslator

The Spanish translation is not complete! We are still working on it. If you would like to help, join our Discord :)

pls bring back 32 bit ;;; there's still ppl who has potato pcs like me but enjoy this game

(1 edit) (+3)

Nice stuff

Dropping that usual reminder for you guys to offer the full version through here as well (I know you mentioned you plan to do it at some point, hoping chapter 5 is said point). Still hope to get it, but still no intention of doing so through steam


I do hope to do so in the near future!

The update adds nice little things, but it's still a little sad that there's still no Act V. We would like to know at least the approximate date of its release :3

As I said in the Dev Notes, I'll let you know the ETA as soon as I'm confident in it!

(1 edit) (+2)

Thanks, I enjoyed the update.  It was fun to have that scene with Mina after buying the bath.  Also, if you added that based on my comment earlier, thank you.  It is nice to see people actually take comments into account.  


bb 32 bit)

What's bb mean?

bring back?


Bye bye