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When chapter 4 comes out?

The next few updates will update and expand on the content in Chapter 3 - there's plenty more to see! When that is where we want it to be, I'll start work on Chapter 4.

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Got an error after exploring  the deep chambers of the sunken temple, proceeding further, and staring at the statue.
The link contains details and will expire in 30 days.
Can't wait to see how this progresses, I love it!


Thank you! I've caught the temple bug, and it will be fixed in the next version.


I like a lot this game! Thanks :) 

Any chance of a Linux port?

Sure, I'll build one for the next release!


Thank you so much!!

Walkthrough has a mistake:  it says "meet best girl. Wolf Girl." when best girl is clearly Kobold Trap (okay if you wanna go for physically girl, then Merchant Girl)

The Waifu Wars are active on Discord, if you wish to take up arms


This is a nice game with good story can't wait to get the witch and demon.


Hey, awesome game so far, and am loving every second of it

I am curious about one thing only though regarding a couple plot points, with the witch and the princess they are able to freeze us in place with a few words. What I'm wondering is if in a future update, will there will be a way to overcome this ability of theirs, with say enough draconian power or simply being old enough and thus immune to their effects. It would be very amusing to have been frozen earlier and then return once we're strong enough and turn the tables on them

This will definitely be explored further in future updates :)


I've noticed that in the prefrences page there is a gey option what exactly dose that entale is it a defeat thing or will be activly able to seek out males

Also if it is the later will there be options for you to recive or will you be giving only?


It will be the latter - and to answer your followup question, that will be up to the writers I collab with for those segments!


Nice also do you plan on giving sex interactions to the kolbolds i had this feeling like it is something you sposed to be able to do but just wasn't ready


In later addons to the game will we be seeing beastiality? The farm girl Clearly had some fun with the horses and maybe the dragon could get an option to sneak up on her and watch her fuck the horses or blow them idk


Too bad there isn't an Orc tribe (yet, I hope?), I was waiting to use the "FOR THE HORDE!" line...

Really enjoyed the game so far, I'm still at chapter 2, so yeah, lots of exploring to be done. 

Question, is the monastery done? I've visited it before, and after making my lair. It has the exact same line and scene. Granted I didn't expect that I'd force myself on a nun, maybe create a few chaos like scaring em or something, but I'm not particularly upset, just the usual "Oh~ Shit, my bad...".

Still, great job!

Thank you! I'm fleshing it out a bit more in the next update, including giving you proper choices. I hope to do more with it again later on!


It seems if you have too many people some don't show up in captives. Out of the seven only see five.

Thanks for the report - I'll have a look!


Uhm boss, is the option to make the kobolds do something for you intentionally be unable to make more when there are below 15 days.  Torture chamber takes days and even in my fastest run I got only tort and lay traps.  Also you automatically die after the countdown. No traps no wolf tribe will help. Was wondering if bugs or still in the works?  


also there is an image missing from that place deep in the see temple

it gives ou an error that the image is not found

Thank you for the report! I'll take a look :)


best game ever, loved it.

is there a way to make the wolf girl surrender to you, i really like here

That should be possible! You'll want high Strength, and the appropriate content flags enabled. 

yea i did that but i meant to make her stop trying to fight you after you take her to your lair

Ah! Not yet, but that is a plotline I plan to add :)


yes please, i like her the most also cant wait for chapter 4

Anyone please help, how can I imprison merchant girl? When I attack (lair or no lair) I get options to eat, fuck or let her go but can't seem to get imprison\get to lair option.


At the moment, the merchant can only be captured after you force her to go, then return to the roads. I'll be adding a couple more routes soon.


Can you make checkpoints in the future because when you die and you didn t saved than you need start from beggining, and please make cheat (change stats)  in the future these things can make the game better


I'll have a look and see if I can create an autosave feature!

Say that, in chapter 4 the wolf tribe is not died in defend....

And you know when comes out chapter 4?

I'll be working on adding new content (lots of it) to Chapter 3 for a while; Chapter 4 is planned out, but it'll be some time before it arrives.

The fate of the wolf tribe is up to your decisions :)

And the linux version?

The PC version should run fine on Linux - if it doesn't, give me a shout and I'll build a separate copy!


Best game ever mate @-@

Not sure if bug or intended: In Abandoned Mine I start Ch3 with 10 days to roam. In Sunken Temple I get 12 days.


It's based on how many days you have left over from Ch2!


Whoa! In this case, it's amazing! I've always wondered how can I get all those prisoners in a few days I get, but if I can just rush lair ch2 and then have all this time in ch3 to explore - great!


After asking Mary-Anne (farmgirl) "WHO ARE YOU?" I'm presented with "ALONE?" question and it loops back to itself, with no options to escape the dialogue. It's version 2.0.1 and I've started from the chapter 2.

same here to


Thank you for the report - I've fixed this for v2.0.2 (out now!)


Created an account just to say thanks for the update.

:(((( i still cant input my name. No okay or enter option and my virtual keyboard isnt helping. I really wanna be a dragon lol :((((

If you're using Android:

1. disable screen lock and then rotate your phone so you get the larger keyboard. If that doesn't work :
2. download a third party keyboard app. If that doesn't work:
3. try playing on a different platform

If you're not using Android, let me know the details and I'll see what I can do.


3rd party keyboard worksssss. Thanks for being approachable lol. Will surely support you from now on. Thankkkssssss again. 

No problem, glad I could help!

Found bugs, you can't take farm girl if you fucked her in the ass the first time in tha farmstead.  If you gift her to the kobolds it's error massage.

Also the merchant by the road,  after taking her to the spire and handing her to the kobolds, you can't find her in the captives.

also if you visit her it brings up an error and if you ignore it it makes you leave

Ok,  so many choice end up with 'i haven't written this yet' and returns you to main menu without questions asked. And many of the girls don't have interactions after captivity?  Or bug?  Can we please get a return to the previous chapter with full attributes? 

Thanks for the reports! I'm working on a bugfix update today.

Thank you.

Aaand it's out!


I have never downloaded an update that fast in my entire life


Hell Yeah. Finally.


dang. if feels like tine moves diffrently in 2.0. beyond that it seems interesting


It updated! YAY!

Is there any news on the status of the update? Not trying to rush, just curious.


Yeah, it was released for patrons last week, but it was full of flaws. Seriously, that build was broken. Since then, there were 3 bug-fixing builds. 

If you want to keep in touch with creator, consider becoming patreon.

Also, i wouldn't suggest playing pre-builds, if you expect solid, bugless experience, it is worth to wait for stable version.

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Ok. Thanks for the update, and I will definitely become a patron when I'm able. Good luck on the fixes.


Yep, 2.0 was... a bit of an undertaking! Hopefully future updates, which don't require quite so much code work, will be a smoother process. I'm gonna do more playtesting myself, too, so that patrons can enjoy more of a polished experience.


I know creating this content is not easy. So good luck on the rest of it, and I hope it goes smoothly for you.

He did say about a week

I thought it would release for public this week?

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Can't wait.  Game is great so far! Can you hint at any of the new material showing up in Chapter 3?  New ladies making an appearance?

Uploading today! I'll make a dev post with all the changes in :)


I love this game! I honestly downloaded first because I was checking out nsfw games, but when I played I realized how this game had actual proper nsfw rating in a way that player is able to gore, maim, kill and rape, but can choose to be merciful and charming still.

Love the intro, love how you manage to convey both dradon's terrifying visage and power and still make player understand that there are many things that can kill our young protagonist.

One-word speech is amazing too. First time playing Charming character with that speech impediment :)

Two questions though: what Potency gives to a dragon (didn't meet check for potency in a game yet), and where's that cave? I checked all locations and can't find it! Farmgirl and Merchant both hint on a location and tell me where to go yet when I go there - nothing.


In chapter 2 there is 3 places you can find to hide, the cave is one of them but choosing will end the day so choose carefully

Will different hiding places matter much, or can I just pick the one that aestetically pleasing to me and trust it'll be as good as others?

I think that choosing a different hiding place will change some aspects of the story

I'm glad you're enjoying it so much! Potency (like the Reputation stats) is something that gets more important later on - you'll see its first application in v2.1.


Still waiting for that update

a good update later, is better than a bug ridden/broken one now.
rushing is worse for everyone, including you.


v2.0 is big (more than twice the size of 1.7, code-wise), but I'm getting it ready as quickly as I can - we're on our third beta on Patreon, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you when it's finished.


Don't rush, I know it seems like I'm pressuring ya

im reading this line of comments and can't help but laugh thinking that 2.0 will be like an extra 20 minutes of gameplay. some extreamly intense 20 minutes of game play. it makes me laugh even if i know its not true.

There was a game that played very, very close to this one that I wished I knew where to find. 

In it, you played as the dragon, but on the more evil side of things. In the game 'your mother' was a demon queen or some such that gives birth to your egg, then you hatch and so on starting out as a whelp. She tasks you with building an army by finding a lair, then raiding places for materials and resources. The way to create army beasties was to fly out and capture princesses, then do the dirty and have her birth the spawn. Over time, you were able to evole and age into new types of dragons.


Was it Defiler Wings?

ya its defiler wing


I absolutely love this game. I even went through all the dialogue options.  There's already a lot of different paths and options, so I cant wait to see how complex the story and world become. Btw, how large is the content increase for 2.0?

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Also, I would recommend adding a "hide text" button to android since text tends to cover a large part of the art.

Thanks for the feedback! 2.0 is twice the size (10k > 20k lines of code), but it branches more heavily. It'll continue to expand as 2.x progresses.


love the new top picture.


Update update update update :D

I liked more the old art, the new one looks too comical or effortless compared to the previous. Why the change?


You can pick your art style based on what you prefer - use the Preferences menu!

so does that mean your going to have old and new art all the way through the game when it is finally done? so people can have both options. that does not sound productive. 


Yep! The old art style is easy to produce and doesn't take up much space, so it doesn't cause any issues to keep supporting it.


Smart idea thanks for that!!! Keep It up !!!


Checking site like 10 times per day, since 2 weeks. Cant sleep at nights.

This game is so good GIMME 2.0


Thank you! 2.0 beta is dropping for Patrons tonight; public release in the next week!

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Which tier on patreon allows to download patreon releases? Im young dragon and wonder if thats enough.

EDIT: Okay, i see that every tier has access via discord (you should've informed about it better, to be honest). Im patron but back then i decided to not join discord. Is there possibility to join now?

Yes, absolutely! Send me a message on Patreon and I'll send you a link.

Is the update live yet ?

v2.0 beta is live for Patrons; it'll be released here in about a week, depending on the amount and variety of feedback I get from them. 

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