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Previous saves not working

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Why is the font so big?

Some of the text is even hidden beneath dialogue boxes, is this a glitch?

It's probably one of the mobile glitches you talked about


If the text isn't appearing correctly, please let us know where/how on our Discord server (linked in the game's main menu) and I'll get it fixed for you!


if i where to give advice, slave routs for most if not all characters, maybe multiple clothes 

Xq tienen partes en español y partes en inglés? 


I have a problem. Just downloaded and started the game. These two chicks turn up and start pestering me with questions, but all I can see in their text lines is "", and there is no text in the reply buttons either.

Any idea what happened?

No idea I crash before I even get to the options , I'm on Android

Hi! That's a translation issue, sorry - I'll get it fixed for the next update!


What is the best lair if it's the mines how do I get mina and the farmergirl both in the mines

Best lair for me is swamp lair. That way I can sacrifice the nun & keep the inquisitor, whom you have to sacrifice if you want the Infernals which are in the mine lair. Farmer girl you can leave trapped and come back for later, forgot how to get merchant lady

WI'll I still have malagar

It depends if you have fetishes that include Eldrich, demonic or mad science.   Most likely the abandoned castle in my case because both demonic and eldrich are hard no. Deals with daemons never turn out well and if I'm not the largest monster in the end what is the point. If uncle Cthulu shows up I'm not the largest creature on the map any more. I think Malagar, eldrich and demonic cancel each other out. You can only have one of them and they are bound down to locations. Eldrich sunken temple. Daemonic abandoned mine. Malagar castle on the mountain. 

how do I get either because I don't know how to get either 

Choose sunken temple as your base if you want eldritch. Choose gold mine as your base if you want daemons. 

Downloaded the new version yesterday and it works now. Thanks.

Btw, do you check the language settings of the system or is it coincidence that the game started in german for me?

And in this german setup dialog one or two lines appeared in english, I don't remember which ones.


Aww. I wanna keep Issa though. :(  Still, I seriously love this game! I can't wait for the last episode! XD

Hi can you give me the link to the discord channel I can't seem to find it anywhere?

It's linked in the main menu of the game! I don't post it publicly, to cut down on bots.


The problem in launching the game on Android devices persists.

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so i dont know if a issue i am having is a bug per say but if i picked the power fanasty option at the start of the game and then enter a cut seen then back out i will always fail a stat check option from then on. is there any way to avoid this?



iirc there's a 'you can't succeed' stat check early game then after that you'll find thing *much* easier...  not sure if this is what you're saying you're seeing or if it's a bug you have sry  :)

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This happened when i finished the warlock experiment with Naho 😂

If you're wondering how did this Happened First i go to the toture chamber and let breaker break naho but instead of coming back i go to the warlock(Darja's uncle) and let him experiment on naho I choose the "Statue option" and after the experiment is done the warlock keep naho for futher studying her statue form and then i go back to the tortue  hamber and yeaa.. the picture above explains the rest


Thank you for the report, that's an error on my part! I'll get it fixed for the next version :)

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Hey I went to the store and bought a new samsung just so I could play this game agian lol. Its just that fun the story is so good. Honestly spent like 5 hours playing this game, and I have  played through it 3 times now. Super excited for the upcoming update anyway. Good luck on the project!!!

Edit: And If your curious why I bough a new samsung it is because you cant get this game on iphone.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you are enjoying it so much ^_^

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Bro I have plans on my own part for this game lol.

Edit: yea how long are yall gonna keep this project? Because like I'm saving up tons of money so I can donate atleast 2k to the project one day.


Question? Is there any ugly bastards that will join my dragon. I would like ugly bastard scenes gangbang the farm girl or who ever I give them to.

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You are a sick individual

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Hey, I am just a fan of fictional taste,  alright. I adore ugly bastards plowing fantasy characters.. a freaking ogre would do. 


Arent you the one playing a dragon porn game too?

It's basically mythical zoophila! I turn off animals in the game but when you kind of think about you still have zoophila in the since dragon are mythical animals. Since they don't exist I am fine with mythical animals. How Ironic right? 

Yeah I turn off gay and zoophilia.

I turn off traps, futa, zoophila (even though we play as a dragon well I guess that's count as teratophilia) Since it's not real but it's still walk on all fours and a wild beast. I don't I think if it has to count as zoophile content it has to be a real animal we see in real life. So most of it count as teratophilia.

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Hey, quick question if I had previously downloaded 4.3.10 on here can I transport the save to 4.3.11? I'm sorry if this an easy question to answer I'm not very good with tech.

Yes, you just have to download this version and delete other version and it should be still there.

Thank you!

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I was wondering if you guys would please add a gallery for the scenes i mean no offence but replaying the whole game to see a scene is kinda annoying i just thought id ask if it would be possible to add it in the next update or a future update thx


I agree

There is a scene gallery in the main menu. Is that what you are after?

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i didnt even know that was there im sorry for the trouble i didnt know you already had one my bad  also keep up the good work


No worries, glad to help :)

So I know this probably got answered, but are you guys going to do a complete gameplay guide and scene guide once EVERYTHING is finished? I really can’t wait to try the new things. I also am curious about the scenes animated for sex for the various characters. I was also wondering if there could be more pregnancies with other characters like naho (I think). The wolf girl. Just curious! But it’s such a great game!


Yes, we'll continue to update the walkthrough (linked in the game's main menu) when new content is added. Pregnancy content is coming up as part of Act V :)

I am confused. You haven't been posting to Subscribestar which you still link is your patronage page yet have been posting to Patreon which you had us switch from.

SubscribeStar was updated two days ago and has been regularly updated through May.


Really exciited to se whats next.

How long it takes Kobold and Wolfmen to recover from a fight?

can you make it possible to capture the mother and infernal ?

Hey are going to add orcs? Trolls? and what not?

I would like gobblets female goblins. All female? That would be a neat idea kidnapping males to make them happy.

Please make the apk

Uploaded now :)

Thank you

When is the android version gonna be done?

I had to take it down while sorting out a launch bug. Ready to download now!

I wish when I upgrade my lair I don't have to use my gold every time. If I built a feeding chamber it should stay that and I should older them to get more food. But it's not my game I am just giving feed back.

Bruh there ain't no feeding chamber....the kobolds just get the food and pile it somewhere, the reason you paid gold for the food is well it costs gold

okay, new this game. 

Oh, it just updated when I check great. I love this game I wonder what's new?

Can you add breast milk,  nipple plowing and two dicks as an option for our dragons to fuck both holes?


Fantastic labor of love. Can't wait for the update

Downloaded this on my (unfortunately lower end) phone, and can't get past the first 3-5 text dialogues before it crashes, any clue why?

I think I've found the problem, and it will be sorted out for 4.3.11 (arriving shortly). Let me know if the new version fixes it for you!


I can't wait for the next update. The story writing and the voice acting are just superb. There aren't many NSFW games out there that pay attention to little details like this one.


Me either I love this game.


Send me your discord please. I would like to know if we can have more than on queen I grown attached to Drajra.

Our Discord is linked in the main menu of the game. I don't post the link publicly, to cut down on spammers and bots.

Oh I am sorry I just really like this game I will stop. Thanks. Even though I don't like using discord too cousfing how to use.

Hey, can I ask question in star whatever is called sorry I can't see since I am the comments. It say return to the game.

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Thank you 4minutewarning for putting so much effort into the game the story is spectacular and the character development is amazing! I truly appreciate your work!!!


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You should put on the game page the language the game as

En mi tablet con Android no me deja jugarlo, se queda cuando aparecen las indicaciones del inicio.

I heard this game has futa can I turn that off?

Yes, all types of content can be enabled/disabled to suit your preferences.

Question If I breed the females would create more kobolds or half dragons minions better than kobolds?


So if I fuck character's ass (female) I can't capture them return I can return the farm?


I am confused are the wolf fucking the drunk or devouring her I heard sell-swords?


Do you know how erase my progress to startover it's feel strange starting over and have things that saved.


So I delete everything and starting over reread the story I love it. So, how to make more kobolds?

Hey dude is there a way to rob the elf girl is that ending either way?

If you have questions about game content, join our Discord and ask there! I try not to post anything like a spoiler here :) 

Uhh, fine maybe later I hate discord I don't know how to use it.

What is Ravarger and ravager 34?

not 34 32 sorry?

Oh I just realized without spoliers I thought it was the end dumb me.


i love the rude song about hedgehogs thing after crashing the bar at gutters cove lol, great idea

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This game is really fun but I how do I encounter Issa?

Edit: I made it to the end, saw them in the credits and had 0 idea who they were

Sleep in your lair, or come back to it from elsewhere, and he will arrive!

oh ok

What can be done about the witch ??. Can we bring her to our lair. If so how ?


You need to hire the wolfmen in the wildlands of the lowlands by "defeating" their leader and becoming their new Alpha,then you can give them the assignment [in your lair] to help you with the witch situation.

Thanks, but does subduing their alpha do the job or do I need to pillage them as well ??


You can use the wolfmen (if you have recruited them) in Act III, or you can conquer the swamps (and get Valzira as loot) with almost any of your hordes in Act IV.


Ok thanks 👍🏻. Btw love the game and waiting for new content 💜❤️

act 5? I still junlivne

Hey there! Sorry if this has been asked already, but I was wondering if more content for my beloved Issa was in the works? Maybe consort one day? ;u;


Yes, plenty more content for Issa is in the works :)


Glad to hear it, thank you for the insight! ^^

I forgot who Issa can you tell twitch character it's hard to keep track them all since give them to the kobolds and minions to stay loyal to us.

Is there a walkthrough that tells you the best choice to make for the best outcome?

There is no best outcome. If you want to be the good dragon don't kill, rape, rob, or eat people. If you want to be the bad dragon do all that. The best outcome is whatever you think it is

is there an outcome where you build your harem and get all of the characters? Or a walkthrough of how to not miss scenes?

It is possible to acquire all captives in one playthrough! But because this is a choice-based game, you can't see every scene in one go. There's a walkthrough linked in the main menu of the game, and another one on Steam.




I don't know why but I can't download this update to the ravager app I already have on my phone. What do I do to fix it

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